Fake vs. real history

By Alison Tempestilli

Fake history is a lot like fake news — left-leaning propaganda devoid of truth and substance.  Wednesday’s impeachment display was truly one for the fake history books.  Defying the narrative of a somber undertaking, cheery pink suit and all, House speaker Nancy Pelosi barely suppressed, along with her colleagues, a demeanor of self-satisfaction and sheer delight worthy of the Academy Award.  Instead of the Oscar, there was the “Nancy,” a gold pen emblazoned with her name, given to the greatest political performers who act as if they have the best interests of the United States at heart.  Her remarks compared the false, underhanded impeachment proceedings to notable and historic events of our nation’s past.  Her zany ramblings belied the fact that this impeachment is not a result of an actual crime but is in truth a nasty bipartisan assault on a political rival and our constitution.  Pelosi and the left push their fake history and equate their dirty dealings with heavy-weighted historical occurrences of days gone by.

Ironically, just as the Deep State leaders were busy impersonating the patriots and deep thinkers of our past, true history was made with a momentous trade deal, which, among other things, increases sales of U.S. goods and services to China, of all places.  Then, just one day later, to the continued amazement and delight of investors, the U.S. stock market hit an all-time high of 29,000.  The fact of the matter is that progress of historical proportions is being and has been made by the businessman and master dealmaker from Queens, who won the presidential election in 2016.  Unbelievably, he has completed these successes with more pushback and obstruction by the opposing party than any other leader in history.

The falsely proclaimed historical importance of the articles of impeachment against Donald Trump is fake history, and no phony pomp and circumstance can change that.  What is real are Donald Trump’s accomplishments in making America great again.


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