Coronavirus Nurse Says China Has 90,000 Sick; Quarantine Cities SHOOT TO KILL” Orders Anyone Trying to Escape

The unnamed woman issued the warning in a social media video, saying she is working in Hubei province which includes the Wuhan area.

Despite China being initially praised for its transparency in managing the situation, critics have now claimed that officials are scrubbing the internet of videos that reveal the true situation.

However, the nurse’s report has been viewed almost two million times on YouTube. In the footage, she warns people not to go outside and to refrain from celebrating the Chinese New Year.


Wuhan coronavirus confirmed in 29 of China’s 31 provinces

  • The deaths include the first reported outside the epicentre around Wuhan
  • Number of infected doctors and nurses higher than reported, sources say

The coronavirus discovered in the city of Wuhan has spread to all but two of China’s 31 provinces, indicating that efforts to stem the outbreak with travel bans and cancellations of flights and rail services were failing.

The virus has also spread to the United States.  California is now home to the third US case of the deadly coronavirus, officials there revealed early Sunday, joining Chicago and the Seattle, Wash. area, where the first cases were announced last week.

The OC Health Care Agency’s (HCA) Communicable Disease Control Division received confirmation from the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) this evening that an Orange County, California case has tested positive for the novel coronavirus,” the agency said in a tweeted release.

In response to the rapidly growing number of infections, China had shut down outbound transport from 13 cities and counties in Hubei by Friday morning, according to China National Radio.

Leading experts confirmed it is ‘absolutely possible’, saying the virus can enter the eyes by touching them – if it is on a patient’s hands.

And they even warned the virus – thought to be spread through sneezes and coughs – can roam through the body to reach the eye.

‘It isn’t unusual for flu and other viruses to be transmitted this way. You can also get respiratory

infections through the eye.’

Professor Kellam said it is for this reason healthcare workers must wear eye protection.

And even though face masks that protect the mouth and nose are effective, they clearly ‘won’t protect the eyes’.

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The CDC advises that while there is as yet no vaccine, all viruses can be prevented by washing one’s hands, especially before eating, and by avoiding touching one’s eyes, nose and mouth with unwashed hands, or close contact with people who are sick.

Roads being Blocked with Piles of Dirt, Phone Lines off, Hospitals OUT of Supplies.

46 MILLION people in 16 cities in China, are under LOCKDOWN Quarantine, as a new virus spreads like wildfire, killing HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS.  No one can enter or leave the cities involved.

The Chinese Army has deployed 50,000 troops to surround Wuhan, with orders “SHOOT TO KILL” anyone trying to escape as hundreds are trying to flee the cities– ON FOOT — because there is NO FOOD.

Armored Vehicles are on the streets as more and more videos emerge of infected citizens dropping-dead as they walk!

Never before in the modern history of human existence, have 46 Million people been Quarantined; yet that is exactly what is taking place in China today.

Officially, people in the following cities are “LOCKED-DOWN” — No one can enter, and anyone in these cities is forbidden from leaving:

The fact that China has locked down 16 large cities, affecting about forty-six million people, is astonishing. The sheer magnitude of it has never been done anywhere in modern history.

Yet according to China, there are only about 900 people infected with this new “novel coronavirus” and there have been only about 27 deaths.

This makes NO SENSE to any rational person.  No government would undertake THIS MAGNITUDE of action for such a small number of infected and dead.

The simple reality is that China is withholding the truth.  China’s official reports are not accurate.

The new virus is different from SARS, in that it causes rapid kidney failure.

There is literally NO FOOD LEFT in the cities under Quarantine because no trucks are allowed in to deliver!

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This could cause China to collapse — and it looks very much as though it will — China’s collapse will set in-motion a global economic shockwave from which the planet will be unable to recover for decades.

This could quickly spread to2.8 MILLION infected people with one-hundred-twelve-thousand (112,000)  DEAD as a result. Cause of death: Multiple Organ Failure.

The systemic failure of Chinese society has already started. By week, full panic will be unavoidable as people realize food, medicine, and doctors, are finite resources and triage is in effect.

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We are on the verge of collapsing, outpatient department filled with patients, some kneeled down on the floor and begging us to save them, but right now there is no special medication to treat this virus, individual can only survive with fighting with his/her own immune system, our protective gears have been completed depleted, protective cloth, face mask, hat, glove, full face mask, goggle have all been depleted.


China has begun using bulldozers, bucket loaders and dump trucks to BLOCKADE the roads in to, and out of, cities to KEEP PEOPLE TRAPPED INSIDE!

The images below show the fact that China is now dumping large loads of dirt onto major roads, to create physical barriers to prevent vehicles from leaving or entering infected places:

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The Chinese government just admitted that the coronavirus CANNOT be contained and people can spread the deadly 2019-nCoV pathogen before they’re symptomatic.


This is the 16th largest city and THIRD LARGEST PORT in China.  The economic impact of this will be staggering for the whole world.

China warns that the spread of the deadly coronavirus will accelerate – the virus is infectious for up to around 14 days during its incubation period (when ppl may show no symptoms), which was not the case with SARS in 2003. “For every suspected case of the coronavirus there’s 10 that are just walking around not showing any symptoms, spreading the virus.”

IF IT IS TWO WEEKS, then you have the initial Quarantine of two weeks, followed by another FOUR WEEKS where (hopefully) there are no new cases.

If YOU could not go out for a total of 6 weeks, do YOU have enough food in your house to feed yourself and your family?  If not, what do you think you would do?  You can’t go out under penalty of arrest.  No one can come deliver to you because stores are all closed.  So what do you do?


Those of you with means, should arrange to get supplied with EMERGENCY FOOD.  Outlets specializing in that are shown below.  Get something so you can survive.



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