We Hear You: From Misery in San Francisco to Impeachment in Senate

Editor’s note: This week’s dip into the mailbag isn’t impeachment free, but does show that much more is on the minds of The Daily Signal’s audience. You too can write us at [email protected]

Dear Daily Signal: Thank you for Katrina Trinko’s well-written, objective article about conditions in San Francisco, which is very rare these days (“Tents, Homelessness, and Misery: 9 Things I Saw in San Francisco”). Living on the East Coast my whole life, I knew nothing really about San Francisco before reading this.

My children and I were studying life in urban America and the problem of homelessness when we came across the article. Ideas have consequences, and bad ones have very bad consequences.

we see the fruit of some of our beliefs we would do well to reconsider the root
rather than trying to hose off the sidewalks.—Heather Peterson


to read an honest view of San Francisco. I was last there two years ago. Stayed
at a cheap hotel in the Marina.

The only part of the city that was awful was the Tenderloin. The rest was pretty clean and in places beautiful. Some homeless, as you will find in all major cities.

Not sure why the right wing wants to paint San Francisco as far worse than it is—just to condemn some policies they don’t agree with, I guess.

If you really think SF is awful, you probably haven’t been there–and are probably afraid of big cities in general, country mouse.—Todd Carlson

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Katrina Trinko’s article on the homeless in San Francisco was an excellent description of exactly what exists in that city and other parts of the Bay Area.

For the past two years, I have been
trying to get the attention of leadership in Oakland and San Francisco to look
at the causes of homelessness and a number of creative and workable solutions to
address the problem.

After reading this article it occurred to me that The Daily Signal may have an interest in doing a follow-up article addressing the causes and solutions. I have put together material and would be happy to offer it.— The Rev. Samuel H. Shafer, California


I have one question: How many of the homeless
in San Francisco are veterans and how many are illegal immigrants?—Irene Travis, Rough and Ready, Calif.

The Horror of Sex Trafficking

Dear Daily Signal: I just listened to a Daily Signal Podcast that is one of the most compelling interviews I have ever heard. Speaking about “8 Days,” his film on sex trafficking, Jaco Booyens was eloquent, compelling, and a moral pillar in his words (“His Sister Was Sex-Trafficked for 6 Years. Here’s How He’s Devoted His Life to Fighting It”).

I really appreciate the questions posed by Rachel del Guidice, and Booyens’ insightful comments regarding moral imperatives for a society and for healthy families as the societal foundation.

We are in approximately the fifth
generation since teaching of a moral code was removed from schools nationwide.
Since most people do not attend churches or receive significant moral teaching
and reinforcement, it is imperative we reinstate teaching of a moral code in
the only place all children can be reached consistently—school. 

Broaching the subject that our society
has largely lost its moral foundation, that morality is no longer a
foundational pillar of society, is so important. And Booyens did that
spectacularly in this interview.

I hope his message is very widely
heard. His views need to become a national conversation in media circles. Thank
you, Daily Signal, for your part in spreading this message in the way it should
go.—Georgia Fallaw


an emotional interview about the movie “8 Days.” I, and probably most of my
friends who are Christian, can’t conceive of what’s going on. This is the best
article I’ve read on sex trafficking.

pray I don’t close this and go on about my life without doing more to stop this
awful crime. Thank you again for putting this out for us to realize the reality
of what’s happening.—Gail Smith, Franktown,


Wonderful podcast with filmmaker Jaco Booyens. He voiced so much of what I think has happened to our society, but I don’t t know the words to express it.

God will bless his work and may save our country.—Carol Swartzendruber, Syracuse, Ind.

Impeachment Goes to the Senate

Dear Daily Signal: House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s ceremonial signing of the articles of impeachment against President Trump was hilarious (“What to Know About Democrats’ 7 Impeachment Managers” ). Pelosi deserves a Screen Actors Guild card from Hollywood for that podium solemnity performance as she introduced the House’s impeachment managers.

Alas, we had the privilege of witnessing the second act unfold as Pelosi passed out that plethora of pens, engraved with her name, to those impeachment managers as each appeared to be a dutiful little boy or girl awaiting pieces of candy from teacher.

there was Act 3 as Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., and the rest of the Pelosi
scrum stood giggling, snickering, and smiling during
the media photo op. Priceless! 

4, the best, was topped off by that hilarious yet bizarre
looking “perp walk” featuring the stiffly postured merry little band
of Democrat soldiers marching their impeachment articles to
the Senate.—Earl
Beal, Terre Haute, Ind.


Trey Gowdy, former Republican congressman from South Carolina, recently came out with another view on House Speaker Nancy Pelosi’s impeachment tactics. I believe he’s spot on.

During the Senate impeachment trial, senators are not allowed to campaign. Therefore, Gowdy theorizes, Pelosi held the articles of impeachment long enough so that if they could get any kind of delay in the Senate for even limited witnesses, those Republican senators who are up for reelection would not be home campaigning but be stuck in the Senate trial.

theorizes that Pelosi didn’t hold the articles of impeachment for fear of them not
being enough to convict and remove President Trump; she knows there’s no way
it’s going to happen.

Therefore, her true reason, Gowdy says, is to do her maximum effort to take back the Senate. Should Democrats do that, she basically could cripple Trump for his second term.

believe Pelosi has this in mind. Anyone who could arm-twist and cajole the
House at all hours of the day and night, weekends, calling them back into
session and so on, and get Obamacare passed, easily could concoct a plan such
as this.

Majority Leader Mitch McConnell must get the trial over in just days, not weeks.
No testimony, everyone knows it’s useless, and don’t worry about being called

Try to
appease the critics on this impeachment proceeding, and the Republicans might just
end up losing the Senate. That’s unconscionable.—Stuart B. Harnden, Bedford, N.H. 

Iran, Suleimani, and a Downed Airliner

The Iranians are at it again. They blame Trump for what their air defense network did to neutralize a Ukrainian commercial airliner departing Tehran, killing 176.

Of all things to now do, Rep. Jackie Speier of California, the mainstream print media, and left-wing talking heads blame President Trump for this tragedy.  With hostilities between the United States and Iran escalating, Iranian airspace should have been closed to all commercial air traffic. But the Iranians left it open. 

aircraft possess operational transponder systems that propagate coded
signals to ground-based radar systems, differentiating aircraft as friend or
foe. These patterns are not raw data returns, as would be
the case when emitted from hostile aircraft or incoming missiles. 

Simply stated, the Iranians blew it by failing or refusing to acknowledge the airliner’s coded-signal radar returns. One must conclude from Iran’s initial lies that the regime’s compliance with the terms of the 2015 nuclear deal agreement with the West is questionable.

now Democrats and vacuous media types extend favor to Iran. Their
incessant referrals to a killer, Qassim Suleimani, as an individual
who was revered and loved by the Iranian people is an

time has arrived for patriotic Democrats and media types to stand
by the president in these times of geopolitical and
strategic challenges thrust upon the United States by
those who fervently yearn to bring this nation to its knees.—Earl Beal, Terre
Haute, Ind.


One point of proper terminology: We didn’t “assassinate” a legitimate, respected Iranian general named Qassim Suleimani.

Suleimani was a terrorist in charge of killers, not an actual army representing a lawful nation. His Quds Force operation was centered around Hezbollah and illegally occupied many nations while illegally murdering (mostly) Muslim civilians.

Even if Suleimani were a legitimate general and recognized as such by all other nations, since he was conducting his own war and murdering civilians wherever he felt like it, his killing by the U.S. would be called a casualty of war, not an assassination.

I’d sure appreciate it if we’d stick to time-honored terminology and stop using the left’s eulogies and terms for their heroes. It makes any good American sick.—Craig Brougher, Independence, Mo.

This and That

Dear Daily Signal: I was glad to see a documentary has been made about the life of Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas and read your article with great interest (“Clarence Thomas Skewers Joe Biden, ’91 Hearings in New Documentary”).

Unfortunately, no information was provided on how to find more
about the upcoming film, such as who are the filmmakers and where is it being
shown. Please provide more info about the film.—Melvin Greene

Editor’s note: Gladly, Melvin. The documentary “Created Equal: Clarence Thomas in His Own Words” opens Jan. 31, as Jarrett Stepman notes in his extensive conversation with director Michael Pack (“The Great American Story of Clarence Thomas”) on The Daily Signal Podcast. You can learn much more there.


Voters want to know where the millions of dollar from failed election campaigns go. What happens to unspent funds? 

If they keep the money for future
campaigns, doesn’t this leave an uneven playing field for future
challengers?  Why do politicians leave Washington far,
far wealthier than when they arrived?

The founders’
intent was for Congress and the president to serve one or two terms and then
return to civilian life. The idea of career politicians with no private sector,
civilian work experience would have been abhorrent to them.—L. Bracher Samms, Bryan-College Station, Texas

How Are We Doing?

Daily Signal:
How are you doing?
In my opinion, so far so good. But please don’t become another “social
media echo” like most of the other media.

Continue to report the news, give your editorial views, and be objective. Thanks for letting me vent a little.—Rod Herr


Thank you for the informative and
enlightening articles. God bless. I love you.—Oscar Manful, Ghana, West

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