Bolton Rumors: You Cannot Impeach a President on an Un-sourced Allegation 

President Trump Attorney Jay Sekulow took on the John Bolton manuscript rumors on Tuesday afternoon.

This Bolton crap is no different than Prostitute Ford being brought in in the 11th hour of the Kavanaugh hearing. It’s another distraction.

On Sunday the New York Times published a leak of alleged descriptions of former Trump National Security Advisor John Bolton’s upcoming book on his time in the Trump White House.

John Bolton accused Trump of wanting to tie aid to Ukraine last year with investigations into the Democrats and the Bidens by Ukraine. Trump has denied the accusations made in the leak of the book.

This was a stunning leak by a disgruntled former Trump confidante.

On Tuesday Trump Attorney Jay Sekulow took on the Bolton rumors head on during his opening arguments.

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Jay Sekulow: “You cannot impeach a president on an un-sourced allegation.  But if Professor Dershowitz is right and if everything in there was true, it constitutionally doesn’t rise to that level… In regard to what John Bolton has said which referenced a number of individuals, we’ll start with the President. Here is what the president has said in response to that New York Times piece. “I never told John Bolton that the aid to Ukraine was tied to investigations on Democrats including the Bidens. In fact he never complained about this at the time of his very public termination. If John Bolton said this it was only to sell a book.” The Department of Justice, “While the Department of Justice has not reviewed John Bolton’s book, the New York Times grossly mischaracterizes what the Attorney General and Mr. Bolton discussed. There was no discussion of personal favors or undue influence on investigations.” The Vice President’s chief of staff issued a statement, “In every conversation with the president and vice-president in preparation to our trip to Poland… The president consistently expressed his frustration that the United States was baring the lion’s share of the responsibility for aid to Ukraine.”


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