Trump’s Defense Made a Damning Indictment so There Will be 51 GOP Votes to Call in Bidens and Whistleblower

Senator Lindsey Graham (R-SC) on Tuesday said Trump’s defense team “made a damning indictment of what Hunter and Joe Biden allowed to happen” in Ukraine, with Burisma, and he believes GOP senators will likely vote to call in the Bidens, Eric Ciaramella and other witnesses.

President Trump’s legal team went scorched earth on the Biden crime family on Monday, on day two of the president’s defense during the Senate impeachment trial.

Pam Bondi and Eric Herschmann both exposed Hunter Biden and his pay-to-play schemes in Ukraine and China.

Bondi clearly and concisely showed how Hunter Biden was sitting on the board of a very corrupt Ukrainian natural gas company whilst his father, then-Vice President Joe Biden, was tasked with handling Ukrainian relations, and especially Ukrainian corruption.

The Senators got to see for the first time all of the bank statements proving Hunter Biden was paid over $3 million in a 17-months time span for sitting on the board of Burisma, despite having zero experience in oil and gas, or with Ukraine.

Mr. Herschmann said on Monday there has never been an investigation into the Biden-Burisma scandal.

“There’s not a scintilla of evidence that the Bidens’ connection to the Ukraine was inappropriate, there’s a tsunami of evidence,” Graham said. “The defense team yesterday made a damning indictment of what Hunter and Joe Biden allowed to happen…”

“I’ll make a prediction; they’ll be 51 Republican votes to call Hunter Biden, Joe Biden, the whistleblower and the DNC staffer at a very minimum,” Graham said.

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Lindsey Graham was referring to Alexandra Chalupa, a DNC staffer who met with Ukrainians at the Ukrainian embassy during the 2016 election to get ‘dirt’ on Trump’s campaign manager Paul Manafort.


GOP Senator Josh Hawley has readied subpoenas to call in all of these witnesses to testify.

Senator Josh Hawley (R-MO) drafted motions to subpoena impeachment manager Rep. Adam Schiff, ICIG Michael Atkinson, Eric Ciaramella, Hunter Biden and Joe Biden to testify.

“If the Senate calls witnesses, I will ask for votes on all these next week,” Hawley said.

Politico reported that Hawley will also seek communications between the whistleblower (Eric Ciaramella) and Schiff’s staffers as well as ICIG Michael Atkinson’s testimony which is still under seal.

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