Democrats’ Efforts to Remove Trump From Office Won’t End at Senate Acquittal

Republican California Rep. Devin Nunes had some “bad news” and told Fox News host Tucker Carlson after the Senate voted to not call additional witnesses Friday in the impeachment trial of President Donald Trump.

Appearing on Friday night’s “Tucker Carlson Tonight” to react to the day’s 51-49 vote and the likely final vote happening on Wednesday, Nunes explained that even the Senate’s final acquittal will not mean the end of Democrats’ efforts to remove Trump from office.

“I actually have some bad news for you tonight, Tucker on Friday night,” Nunes said. “The problem is this isn’t going to end. I just can’t imagine that Adam Schiff, after three and a half years of this nonsense — and Jerry Nadler — are not going to continue this, right? They are going to go back and subpoena John Bolton. We’re going to have the same exact thing that you have been seeing for the last three and a half years. I just think you should prepare.”

“We thought once Mueller collapsed completely, we thought, ‘okay, we’re going to get on to business,’” he continued. “And then out of nowhere this Ukraine hoax appeared. And, look, this really is a hoax. This was Adam Schiff and his staff concocting this all together with people that all know each other. All these people know each other that concocted this stupid Ukraine hoax that we have been dealing with for the last week in the Senate. So anyway, bad news for you tonight. I bet even after the acquittal we’re gonna be working on this.”

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esponding to Carlson’s question about why the Democrats are “continuing to do this,” Nunes described them as “like the dog that caught the car” who may eventually get Independent Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders as their nominee.

“If Bernie wins on Monday night, you have an entire takeover by the extreme left of the historic Democratic Party,” he said. “It no longer ceases to exist. It’s gonna be the socialist party.”

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