“That’s The Light Of A Missile!” Leaked Audio Proves Iran Knew Immediately Missile Hit Jetliner

A new leaked recording of an audio log between an Iranian air-traffic controller and an Iranian pilot who witnessed the nearby downing of Ukraine International Airlines Flight 752 proves that authorities in Tehran knew immediately after the Jan.8 disaster what had actually happened, despite initially announcing it was an accident based on a likely mechanical failure. It further took days of denials before the Islamic Republic finally admitted the IRGC mistakenly launched missiles which destroyed the civilian aircraft, killing all 176 people aboard.

“A series of lights like… yes, it is missile, is there something?” the pilot is heard calling out in Farsi to the controller after witnessing bright flashes in the distance. “No, how many miles? Where?” the controller asks, according to the stunning audio transcript.


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Image source: AFP/Getty

Ukraine’s 1+1 TV channel published the leaked audio and transcript Monday, which President Volodymyr Zelenskiy subsequently acknowledged as authentic, according to the AP. The head of the Iranian investigation team into the tragedy also said the recording is authentic.

Publicly available radar tracking data shows that the pilot of a nearby medium-sized Iranian Aseman Airlines jet was close enough to see the downing unfold.

According to the transcript, the pilot insists to a confused controller: “It is the light of a missile.”

“Don’t you see anything anymore?” the controller asks.

“Dear engineer, it was an explosion. We saw a very big light there, I don’t really know what it was,” the pilot responds.

The controller then tries to no avail to establish contact with the Ukrainian Boeing 737.

Recording time is 5 minutes and 12 seconds.

Manager: – Good morning, Ukrainian International Airlines 752 (not clear), determined your altitude 260, move 6000 feet, turn right.

Dispatcher: – After 6000 feet direction to the Park.

Pilot EP3768: – We are approaching from the north, 3768.

Dispatcher: – Good morning, 3768.

Manager: – Aseman 3768 (not clear), identify 3343 left, level 110.

Pilot EP3768: – Board 3768, in communication.

Pilot EP3768: – We are approaching from the north, 3768.

Pilot EP3768: – No, sir?

Pilot EP3768: – Zone 320, active for flight?

Manager: – GPS (inaudible).

Pilot EP3768: – Flares like a missile. Is there something there?

Manager: – Zone 320? How many miles away? Where?

EP3768 Pilot: – I can’t say for sure. But I think it is near (airport) Payam, (city) Karaj.

Manager: – How many miles? Where?

Pilot EP3768: – I now see the light as it flies from there.

Dispatcher: – We were not informed of this.

Manager: – How does it look? What does this light look like?

Pilot EP3768: – That’s exactly the light from the rocket.

Dispatcher: – She is not flying in the direction of the city (Tehran), no?

Pilot EP3768: – Possibly … And, no, no, the side of the city took off.

Dispatcher: – We were told nothing, but keep watching.

Pilot EP3768: – Good. I’m on the landing course.

Manager: – Ukrainian International Airlines 752, Reception.

Manager: – Ukrainian International Airlines 752, welcome!

Dispatcher: – “Ukrainian International Airlines” 752, as you can hear ?!

(request repeated several times from 02:27 to 04:25, unanswered)

Dispatcher: – Oseman 3768, 9000 (not clear), landing course.

Manager: – Aseman 3768, everything, you see nothing else up there?

Pilot EP3768: – Mr engineer, we saw an explosion, a big explosion from the explosion, we do not understand that it is.

Dispatcher: – We don’t know for sure …

Pilot EP3768: – Is our course OK?

Dispatcher: – Yes, I don’t think there will be any problems for you.

Pilot EP3768: – God forbid!

Everything is audible there,” Zelensky told the Ukrainian broadcaster. “Everything is recorded.”

He added: “He says that ‘it seems to me that a missile is flying’, he says it in both Persian and English, everything is fixed there.”

The Iranian investigative team which had handed the recording over the Ukrainians condemned it’s being published to the world as “unprofessional”  given it was handed over as part of a confidential report, but then was quickly leaked to Ukrainian media.

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