Watch: Why Do Scientists Continue to Lie and Deceive the Public?

We all know that scientists lie about Global Warming (now conveniently known as Climate Change).  We have published many articles on that deception and the reasons for it including money and power.  You can browse some of the information we have here and here.

So, if it is this easy for science to lie about Global Warming, what else might they be lying about?  If they lie about one thing, how can you trust them with any actual scientific facts?  It turns out that scientists lie about a lot.

Watch these videos that explain how actual science has discovered that the Earth does not move.  Scientists of the last 500 years have attempted to push the narrative that we live in a Heliocentric system with the Sun at the center when in actuality we live in a Geocentric system with the Earth at the center.  If this sounds far-fetched, then watch the videos before making up your mind and repeat the experiments for yourself.

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