My father does not realize,

what being alone a tough size is.

He gazes at us moves by in shadows,

Days spent with him are green meadows.

He has a strong will to forget the sweet past;

He thinks he has completed his job last.

Of life for which he was never paid,

But he knows not whom to sue trade.

He must be remembering us all,

Uncovered life in which he loved his call.

Never betrayed wife, sons and family ways,

Possesses a human face to deserve praise.

When he can’t do something, he moves God’s cabins,

Where he will be listened, till that happens.

He uses his knowledge of six decades blend,

To control the vibes and swiftly happy end.

The image of love humans clean,

In the mind pious, too serene.

For my confused eyes and raw mind thus.

He will do all he can to protect us.

His fatherly umbrella still missed,

World too difficult to feed.

While he assumes us to be happy,

But left us behind high and dry.


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