Fall of Indian media

“Militant” for “Islamic and Naxal terrorists.”
“Protestors” for “Muslim and Communist rioters and arsonists.”
Those are some of the words used by Indian journalists in a much-designed manner. Those journalists who do not toe this line is at the receiving end. They are called as “bhakts” or “saffron agents” by the left-liberal and Islamist journalists for their proper criticism of polarization against Hindus in India.
There are massive stress and bullying on them by left-liberal and Islamist journalists. These journalists tried their best to instigate Muslims against the visit of President Trump. They also dismiss the violence, riots and arson as dissent and cast aspersions on the honest and good work of the government.
Fabrication, hyper-minority-ism and Hindu-phobia are on the rise due to these journalists. They don’t want to see good work of the government of Prime Minister Narendra Modi and hold on the country’s political and economic life.
So-called high-profile journalists have been busy in pushing their anti-government and anti-Hindu agenda. They are highly critical of the government for not toeing their line. As a result, many of India’s five-star journalist and editors have been busy in defaming the government from the newsroom.
So many of the country’s most popular news anchors, Arnav Goswami, Sudhir Chaudhari, etc is under pressure after they did not toe to their line and questioned their approach at the government’s decision to revoke the controversial special status to Kashmir, which led to a crackdown on local divisive politicians, a complete internet blockade and tough measures. Several channels became anti-Modi and anti-Hindu political parties.
This working is not new. During the UPA era too, several journalists of the anti-Modi group acted as middlemen and agents for business houses. The Central Bureau of Investigation has found shreds of evidence of their involvement in scams. The office and residence of Prannoy Roy, the owner of NDTV, the most biased and incredible network, were raided by the CBI for his involvement in scams. Another left-leaning website was also involved in defaming the family of the then BJP President, Shri Amit Shah. The defamation suit was filed against the website. This is the working of the entire press of India.
But the campaign has become more blatant and is not even limited to journalists based in India. New York-based writer Aatish Taseer and part-time Indian contributors also have joined this yellow journalism. Even they use every foul and bad language.
This media has been glorifying the rioters, arsonists, squatters as unlawful crowd as dissenters and peaceful protestors. They are rather provoking and polarizing the Muslims and students against the government and the Citizenship Laws passed by the Indian Parliament. Rioters are become “activists” and anti-nationals are become “misguided youths”. It is better to ignore this “media”. This is the reason; PM Modi has never held any press conference due to these disruptive journalists.
These journalists also spread fake news. A journalist of this group, Ravish Kumar brands the honest journalists as lapdog media, or “godi media” although, he branded a Muslim criminal Mohammad Shahrukh, as Anurag Mishra to demonize the Hindu in the recent communal Delhi riots.
These journalists are so well connected they got mocked a journalist of a Hindi news channel by many journalists, including Stephen Sackur, host of the BBC’s “Hard Talk” for highlighting the anti-national act of a student. Even they have been demonizing the Delhi police of maintaining law and order in a very proper manner although a policeman died in the riots and so many police personnel were badly injured. These anti-government journalists spread the story that student rioters, described by the media as protestors, at Jamia Milia Islamia University were attacked by the police. In reality, students and outsider goons entered the university and attacked the police, injuring many.
There is a ready-made “Signature gang” of communists who is 24X7 ready to condemn the government and the police. Even the journalists who challenge their hegemony are harassed outside the newsroom too. Recently an unknown comedian Kunal Kamra found harassing Arnab Goswami, the famous and most popular, anchor on the channel Republic, on a flight. Disciplinary action was taken against the rogue passenger and Kamra was banned from flying on all the airlines.
As India is the biggest secular-democracy of the world, the majority community are paying the price for this. They are repressed and scared. Anti-Hindu rioters are supported and glorified. Anywhere in the world has journalism been so much biased and dishonest. Gandhi would be fasting against Indian India’s new breed of journalists. Citizenship bill puts India to be a more safe and peaceful path. Abrogation of Article-370 has cemented Kashmir and people of Kashmir with the rest of the country. Journalists stop polarizing and instigating Muslims by creating an unfounded fear in the mind of Muslims sparked by them worst anti-Hindu riots in Delhi.

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