Corona Poem

Wash hands like Lady Macbeth,
Seclude like Miss Havisham for health.
Put off and delay your tasks like Hamlet,
Maintain distance like Elizabeth Bennett.
Don’t run like Desdemona dear,
Don’t cry and go mad like King Lear.
Eat like Falstaff and protect,
Put on masks like Benedict.
Be proud like Darcy and avoid dancing with Lizzies.
Don’t steal others’ handkerchiefs like Iago, please.
Unlike Romeo elude meeting Juliets,
That waits in the balconies like chariots.
Don’t drift around like Ulysses,
Be judicious like Beatrice.
Don’t suck like The Flea pretends hug,
Avoid method-less madness like Shaheen Bhag.
Use lightning and thunderbolt to clean the Garden,
And quantify to Paradise Regain and pardon.
Avoid anti-CAA Goblin Markets.
Let the West Wind Blow for a good harvest.
Listen to the melodious songs of Nightingales,
Admire the freshness and beauty of Daffodils.
Stay Home, Stay Safe like Laura and glow,
And be brute with Corona like Othello.
And kill the Corona-Virus like Evelyn Hope,
And make your country full of happy rope.

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