Shattered dreams of Khan Market and Lutyens squatters

Khan Market and Lutyen dealers couldn’t understand the New India dislike to New Mughals as a barrier to its dreams

PM Shri Narendra Modi, who has been solely controlling the national discourse since 2014, and very rightly ensured that hopes, aspirations and rights of the people, particularly the youth, are promoted and dislodge the new Mughal dynasts.

Earlier Lutyens and Khan Market customers controlled this narrative. Around fifty years back, Khan Market created a new class of women on stylish cycles and sunglass loitering the market, licking the ice cream purchased by some mission school drop-out rich spoiled brat.

Khan Market ownership changed after the characteristics of “refugees’ spaces” were also changed. Within a radius of 2-4 kilometres, there were other markets in New Delhi, catered to various groups of refugees such as Lodhi Colony Market, Meherchand Market and Khanna Market. Union Minister Meherchand Khanna was looking after the rehabilitation of Partition Hindu refugees. Meherchand Market was famous for tailors whose specialization to fame was to alter or turn old tattered suits inside out to look like new.

At that time Khan Market was affordable to the middle class. It became unreachable for the middle class after globalization created in expansive foreign brands and privileged businesses. It became a very expensive VIP area. Bengal Sweets, famous for gol-gappas was replaced by Levis showroom. The family chemist cum grocery shop who knew about the shampoo and soap choices and monthly needs of medicines of his customers was replaced by costly spa products.

With all these changes customers also changed. A new political, bureaucratic and neo-rich privileged customer took over. India International Center and the India Habitant Center also contributed the talkative-bearded intellectuals and seminarists donning the Levis jeans and crumpled Khadi kurta.

All these strata of VIPs snobbishly knew each other and swaggered around Khan Market as if it was their private place. These new elites, plus dynasts of a variety of families, also frequented Oberoi Hotels and Taj Mansinghs on some customers’ purse. They could also be spotted playing golf drinking and dining with some party eager tycoon or media mogul at these juicy holes accompanied by semi-clad civil society birds. All were insulated in the warmth of shared give and take. They enjoyed the comfort of their “Idea of India” tailored for them. With the help of these connections, they also grabbed the Lutyens bungalows and manipulated the business of awards.

But after the general election of 2014, the situation to these perennial pleasure-seekers was in danger. Dynasty empires started crumbling after 2014 after Shri Narendra Modi, fully controlled the system. He very intelligently implemented the desires and rights for the voter, mainly the youth, followed with disdain for privileged dynasts. The voters easily realized that the entire opposition — the Congress, SP, RJD, JD(S), Telugu Desam, YSR Congress, NCP, INLD, DMK, PDP and NC, the nephews in BSP and TMC  — were all fully pleasure-seeking dynasties securely gripped by the head of the party cum head of the family.

Wardens of Congress dynasty argue that it was not father and son dynasty. Congress started with the first Prime Minister Pt Nehru followed by mother-son Gandhis.  Congress never showed any sign to induct anybody outside the dynasties. Politics became a picnic to their kids but they learnt nothing from experiences or failures. They were like American Born Confused Desis (ABCD).

Those who controlled the system for more than half a century were not ready to accept the BJP or Modi. They were hoping against hopes on the game of power-hungry opposition unity. Chandrababu Naidu, Sharad Panwar, Mamta Banerjee, Mulayam Singh Yadav, Mayawati, Arvind Kejriwal, Rahul Gandhi, Lalu Yadav from jail, Sita Ram Yachuri with all the brand of communists, Sharad Yadav etc all every so often assert to activate apparatus of the Opposition to remain in Lutyens Bunglaws and Khan Market narrative.

They assembled in Delhi a day before the results to chat about their coalition. Yet, across Karnataka, Delhi, Rajasthan, Maharashtra, Jharkhand, Chhattisgarh, Bihar,  Haryana, UP, Madhya Pradesh, Delhi and other states voters could see that there was no secure tall leader offered as an alternative of Modi who had the ripeness, knowledge, determination, public speaking, charm and most notably, the capability to tackle competing interests between themselves and across the country to face the challenges.

The Khan Market gang and Lutyens media even started writing articles to fool the voters on the high worth of coalitions and refused to understand that the voter of new India knew how short-lived, immature, corrupt and controversial coalitions had been. The NDA coalition under Vajpayee was much better because the top leadership of the BJP was very good and had a faultless understanding of how to work. Majority of the voters mainly the Hindus were apolitical but they wanted good governance, stability, and overwhelmingly voted Modi and the same feeling was repeated in 2019 with doubly zeal and enthusiasm. Narendra Modi is an excellent channel to set off the extraordinary revolution that was occurring in the curious minds of wannabe India.

They too hunted prerogative of their type — to legislatures, to improved amenities, health and living conditions and gear to see and move to a better world. But the scion of a dynasty in the fight always claim that before me, my father, before him, my grandmother, before she, my great grandfather, and now I only can be the natural choice for prime minister. The small farmer’s son will defiantly say, “I will not study the history book; I want something higher, hopefully, a chaiwala was able to deliver.”

Farmers and labourers are sending their children to study medicine, engineering, research, architecture, management, fashion design and law or making them big and successful in life. They were just sick of dynasts corrupt influence and manipulations to go ahead in life.

Nobody predicted before the results that Modi-Amit Shah will get 303 seats. They fail to understand the Khan Market gang and Lutyens media has lost its hold and prominence. Lutyens occupants and Award grabbing dealers have to move out to the new address with new narrative live mob lynching, minority victimhood, Award Wapsi Game, Intolerance drama, the constitution in danger etc.  Only the future will unwrap the awards of this new narrative.

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