The nation of Freebies lovers

The entire world is in the grip of China Corona Virus or COVID-19. India is also not an exception. But in India priorities are absolutely strange. In these hard times, the leaders, media, intellectuals and the people are engrossed with their agenda. Fight against COVID-19 seems to be the secondary.
For everybody, the prime concern is freebies and freeloading. Everybody is interested to grab the maximum benefit during this period. Muslims have a different agenda. They are more worried about their Ramazan, daily azan and opening of mosques. One can see their prime concern for these religious activities throughout the country.
Everyone is totally dependent on government like beggars for freebies and freeloading. Labourers, migrants, poor, Muslims, industrialists, media houses etc all want packages, money, house rent and tuition fee waving, free food, free ration, free medical facilities, free transportation and whatnot. Total perversion.
Nobody is paying any attention to the doctors, medical facilities, medical research, medical staff security, medical equipment and supplies, old pensioners, farmers and villagers etc. The China Corona Virus has also brought with him the sick mentality of freebies and freeloading, moral perversion and corruption.
People have lost all shame even in freeloading and free packages. This is not a fight against China Corona Virus or Covid-19 but this fight has taken U-Turn for freebies, freeloading and free and non-refundable packages. Even the pension and salaries of the government employees are been cut and wasted on these freebies and freeloading.
Here an example will be highly appropriate. The UP government asked landlords, not to charge rent from tenants. But behind this order, rich and affluent tenants who even own cars are not paying rents. This is very wrong and will bring a bad name to the government in its fight against COVID-19. Most of the house owners have to repay bank loans. This is very immoral and wrong. Already tenants are a big headache to the owners. This will further arm them to create more troubles. All the good work being done by the government will be overshadowed by the wrong deeds of these elements. The government and the authorities should be asked to book such rogue and lawless tenants.
Gandhi says modern education develops and increases lust and greed. This is the best example of that fall. Macaulay and Marx have ruined the Indian education. Therefore nothing better is expected from the educated groups. Indian values and culture are not being imbibed by the Indian young generation in their effort to Americanize themselves. They are just “American Brand Corrupted DNA”, (ABCD). The fall out can be felt in every walk of life. India has become a Republic of Beggars.
The lockdown has increased the clamour for fiscal packages to bail out easily and quickly in the name of vulnerable sections. All are provoking them for packages. Nobody is educating them about the dangers of the virus for the people. But the price of one of the harshest lockdowns anywhere has pressed and affected every section. It is for the safety of all.

It is specifically this facet which motivated a call from the government to private firms to five all the salaries and benefits to the employees without any cut. But governments are guilty of cutting the salaries and allowances of their employees. Even the pensioners are facing this burnt of unkindest cut. But on the other hand, some are getting monetary packages and others are getting free ration and free food. But still, all are cribbing because of inherent tendencies of easy money and freebies. India needs a strong moral education to work hard to supplement the fight against the COVID-19.
This freebies mentality has already frozen the banks. They don’t have a clear idea of how to come out of this mess. The longer the restrictions on activity, the greater the demands will be for freebies and fiscal packages and their subsequent adverse impact on economic growth. This will also shrink the output of this year if business and mobility restrictions stay till end-July.
This will be catastrophic for the nation and the people as it will push back millions of Indians not to work and look only for government largess. People should start working. They can go back to agriculture and farming. Poor people can involve themselves in such business where investment is very little, like vegetable and fruit vendors. This way they can raise their income and be part of the system in a positive way. This lethargy will encourage the foreign firms to control the supply chain which will further push the poor people to the margin. The need now is for a lucid and broad road map for the slackening of restrictions to help these people to stand on their feet instead of waiting for free packages.

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