Lockdown, Masks for All, BUT NOT for Them: The Elite are Hypocrites that Believe They are Above the Rules

The elite think that they are above the rules they set for the masses.

Tucker exposes these scumbags for us all.

If you have noticed, most public officials all have people next to them using sign language.  Why is this even needed?  Couldn’t people who need assistance just use closed captioning?  Perhaps it is just their way of laughing at the public for actually listening to them and following their orders since it seems like the majority of the people signing are making goofy faces when doing so.  You can notice an example of this in the video above when the mayor of Chicago is talking about how she is special and can go to a beauty stylist.

Worst Mayor Ever and Anti-Semite Bill DeBlasio Attacked the Jewish Community last month for a few that did not follow the lockdown rules, but still blamed the entire Jewish population.

Why isn’t the ACLU fighting the government to restore our liberties?

In Case You Missed It:  Obama Judge Tanya Chutkan Previously Called January 6 “An Armed Attempted Overthrow of This Government”
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