Newlywed to George Papadopoulos, Was Falsely Accused of Lying Under Oath But Now She Gets the Last Laugh

By Joe Hoft

Young George Papadopoulos and his newlywed wife Simona Mangiante Papadopoulos were placed in the middle of the biggest political crime in US history.  They endured the chaos in spite of numerous slanderous attacks from the far left and their mainstream media.

After meeting her future husband in the early days of the Russia collusion scam, Ms. Simona Mangiante was suddenly placed in the middle of the greatest political scandal in US history.  The young woman worked for an individual by the name of Joseph Mifsud.  This character was the one who supposedly started the entire scandal.

Mifsud reportedly told young George Papadopoulos that the Russians had Hillary’s emails.  This fairy tale is what kicked off the bogus Russia collusion investigation leading to the Mueller Special Counsel.  It was all BS.

Because of her relationship with Young George, she was suddenly placed under oath and in front of Congress.  The Daily Mail reported in July 2018:

Simona Mangiante came to the Capitol after making a televised plea for President Trump to pardon her husband, who pleaded guilty to lying to the FBI.

His 2016 contacts in London with a Maltese-born professor and night out with an Australian ambassador constitute key parts of the timeline where investigators have identified early claims of dirt on Hillary Clinton in the Russia probe.

Mangiante is doing the interview Wednesday with Democrats who are frustrated by the lack of action from House Republicans.

She came on her own dime after a spat over logistics. Democrats said the Republicans who run the panel would not agree to pay her way, CBS reported.

After her testimony, journalist hack Scott Stedman slandered her and claimed she lied under oath.

This week she proved him wrong when her testimony was released:

The beautiful Ms. Papadopoulos is working to become a top model:




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