Obamagate: President Trump Goes After Obama

The treasonous investigators and their instigator become the investigated.

Daniel Greenfield


That’s when President Donald J. Trump tweeted the one word, all-caps, one exclamation mark, that changes everything. A day earlier, the president had also tweeted Jesse Watters’ video, titled ‘Obamagate’ – the scandal at the epicenter of American politics that has had many names: “Russiagate”, the “Russia Hoax”, “Spygate”, but it’s only fitting that it should end with its true name.

This was never about the Russians and the spies were cogs in a machine who were following orders.

One man, not some nebulous organization or unaccountable bureaucracy, pushed the lever and decided to use the machinery of law enforcement and intelligence agencies to suppress the political opposition.

Another Democrat in a White House long ago once put up a sign on his desk that said, “the buck stops here.” Or, as Lisa Page, formerly of the FBI, texted much more recently, “potus wants to know everything we’re doing.” The POTUS in question wasn’t Truman anymore: it was Barack Obama. And the gang that couldn’t frame straight was prepping FBI ex-boss Comey to brief Obama on the plot.

In an address to the real deep state, the 3,000 members of the Obama Alumni Association, the titular head of the government in exile that has been working its manicured fingernails off to subvert, undermine, and betray the actual President of the United States lectured on the rule of law.

“There is no precedent that anybody can find for someone who has been charged with perjury just getting off scot-free. That’s the kind of stuff where you begin to get worried that basic — not just institutional norms — but our basic understanding of rule of law is at risk,” Barry scolded.

General Flynn wasn’t charged with perjury. Maybe Page and Strzok should have spent more time helping Comey brief the C student in the Oval Office and less time carrying on. But it’s Obama who might want to spend time reviewing the penalties for perjury or making false statements to the FBI.

Because Obamagate is coming back home to where the buck stops. And the buck stops with Barry.

That’s the message that President Trump has sent by tweeting, “OBAMAGATE”, followed by videos, graphics, and texts laying out the case against, not just the “scum” who carried out the coup, but against their boss who watched, oversaw, and was certain that he would get away with his worst crime yet.

Investigations start by exposing, breaking down and then flipping the stooges, before working their way up the ladder to the bosses who gave the orders, and then the man at the top. The investigation formerly known as Spygate has been burning its way through the titular spies who did the dirty work.

The Steele Dossier, the two-legged stool on whose shaky pretext President Trump and his allies were targeted, was exposed by tracing it up the ladder to the Clinton campaign, and then back through the layers of scam FISA evidence, media surrogates, and incestuous Fusion GPS/FBI/DOJ relationships.

But Hillary Clinton wasn’t an elected official. She had no official power to give anyone any orders.

Only one man had the authority to weaponize every intelligence agency by directly controlling their heads and cabinet members and as Obamagate burns up, it has only one possible stopping point.

Page and Strzok’s communications opened the gateway upward, McCabe and Steele widened it,

“NEW FBI TEXTS ARE BOMBSHELLS!” President Trump had tweeted after the Strzok/Page texts.

Steele has since testified that he not only knew that Hillary Clinton was in the loop, but that National Security Advisor Susan Rice had been briefed. Obamagate had linked together the figures empowered to conduct surveillance of political opponents with political figures in the White House. That’s how covert spying operations like Watergate work. The DOJ is meant to serve as a buffer against abuses like these.

The public decision to bring down the hammer on General Flynn was not made by acting Attorney General Sally Yates, who had been left out of the loop, and had to be told about it by Obama. While unnamed “Obama advisers” were being briefed by the FBI about the Flynn case, the Attorney General wasn’t. That’s a fundamental reversal of how the justice system is supposed to work.

When the AG hears about a case against an opposition figure from POTUS, that’s not a DOJ case, that’s a White House case. The Obama administration had spent years, at the least, eavesdropping on domestic political opponents, including members of Congress, possibly even fellow Democrats, under the guise that they had any contacts with foreign governments. The last thing the guys who had been using the NSA as their private Watergate wanted was a National Security Adviser who might expose them.

So, they decided to do to Flynn what they had only played at doing to other political opponents.

As I wrote three years ago, “Once Obama and his allies launched their domestic surveillance operation, they crossed the Rubicon. And there was no way back. They had to destroy President Trump or risk going to jail. The more crimes they committed by spying on the opposition, the more urgently they needed to bring down Trump. The consequences of each crime that they had committed spurred them on to commit worse crimes to save themselves from going to jail.”

And I predicted that the Democrats will “finally get their Watergate. Except the star won’t be Trump, it will be Obama.”

The great shadowy investigation that has consumed so many years of our national politics has come apart. Mueller delivered nothing, Flynn has been exonerated, and Schiff has nothing to show for it. All the claims made about collusion have come apart and nothing remains to justify the whole thing.

It’s time that the investigators become the investigated.

That’s the message that President Trump’s Obamagate tweets, his retweet of the Jesse Waters video laying out the case against Obama, is sending to those who have perpetrated this plot against America.

The tables are turning. And the question now becomes, will middle rank ex-feds be willing to go to jail to protect their bosses, will those bosses be willing to go to jail to protect cabinet members, and will they all be willing to go to jail to protect Barry? If Biden loses, so does the Obama Alumni Association.

And then the OAA boys and girls go the way of the Clinton Foundation and the Carter Home for Wayward Marxists with nothing for them except a tough choice between a cell and naming names.

Obama knows it’s his last shot. His network bought him these past years of undermining Trump. But all of it’s worthless if Biden loses, taking his prestige with him, and opening him up to an investigation.

An independent prosecutor can take years to do his job, but once appointed, grind slowly, and small.

The Obama coup has run all these years, but it’s reached the end of the line. The investigations are turning back on their instigator as Spygate and its minions gives way to Obamagate. The new phase will reach beyond the henchmen to the political operatives who were giving the orders. And to their boss.

Beyond Spygate lie the Spymasters and beyond them, the Master of the Spymasters.

Obama operatives committed treason for political gain. Only one man had the power to command them, to reward them, and to bring together the forces that spied on men, women, and on a nation.

Obamagate is not just the reckoning the nation needs: it’s the reckoning that the rule of law deserves.

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