A fallen mindset: Freebies multiplies India Corona agony

This has become a national motto and a way of thinking. Freeloading has increased the nation’s China Corona pain and fear. Government alone cannot fight against corona. Why there are so many deaths– deaths on roads, deaths on railway tracks, deaths of hunger, deaths of no medical aid etc during the lockdown. We did very well on the fight against Corona.

All have forgotten their duties. All are totally dependent on the central government for all the works that too all free. The state government, NGOs, activists, opposition leaders, media, minority groups etc all day in and day out blame the central government, but they themselves hardly do any work.

Free food, free ration, free transport, free economic package, waving of education fee, waving of house rent, free medical add, waving of all taxes and bill etc has become a national war cry. In this dim and noise, Covid-19 has lost or become a secondary issue. With great pride, we say: We are poor, so everything for free.

As a result of this tendency social service has become a very lucrative business in India. India has millions of NGOs. Apart from this lakhs of gurudwaras and their much-propagated langar Sewa, lakhs of madrasas, Iftikhar Sewa, church and mission services etc. However, this is different questions that even than migrant workers and labourers are not getting adequate food and ration and they are dying of so many fits of hunger.

Despite all the theatrics, people have no love neither for the people in need or for the nation. All are busy in making fast bucks by hook or by crooks like Pulitzer Prize or Magsaysay Award.

We won’t change. We have enough money and resources but no money for the needy. People are governments, all are poor. Even state governments don’t want to do anything. All are passing the buck like the media and activists. Hence we can’t carry out a lockdown like western democracies. Lockdown brings hardships to the people. The economy is more important than lives.

We find it fitting to blame the Coronavirus and the central government for our current miseries but if we don’t want to admit that the lockdown hit us harder because we are dependent on the government.

And we are poor and dependent not because of Covit-18 in 2020, but for all that, we have been doing nothing for the last seven decades. We have played appeasement and misplaced secular politics; misplaced socialism turned caste quota system and chased after India’s entrepreneurial thrust with a butcher’s knife, grabbing whatever we can grab out of it. It is a fact that India is poor because we are proud of being poor and backward.

It’s true; we almost have no shame and guilt for being poor and backward because we habituated for freebies and free-loading. Our new ages of ethics or value systems are at the root of this crisis. There are economists and activists who are encouraging this sickness. Now, it is the time to expose the obsolete, foolhardy and suicidal politics and system that are keeping our nation backwards and poor.

The origin of our existing values lies in Indian secular and vote-bank politics. They have divided the society. Now being rich, meritorious, hardworking and successful are bad. Earning money is bad. A good and comfortable life is bad. People who consume and drink are bad. People who change new phones, new cars, new air conditioners, new clothes, are bad. People who go abroad are bad. Strangulate them by taxes. It is the mindset of we Indians that they are all crooks and black money hoarders.

Simple life, proud of extracting caste and religious benefits like reservations and quotas, freebies and freeloading, total dependency on the government to take care of everything for free, jobs of a Sarkari babu, connections with politicians and cult heads like Maulana Saad or Zakir Naik etc, these are the things we think is good.

With this mindset, we are totally dependent on governments. We love government jobs, government interference, sick and slow judiciary, caste and religious reservation and schemes, a nation and the society can never prosper. We don’t celebrate merit, creativity or nationalism but we celebrate poverty, backwardness and freeloading.

The current lockdown has exposed us, what we did wrong, not just during corona time, but in the decades preceding it. People are jealous of seeing rich, successful and meritorious but don’t feel bad when they see poor, hungry labourers, and beggars. They are not disturbed to see migrant hungry labourers walking for hundreds or thousands of miles with little kids on their heads.

It is the government control, corrupt bureaucracy, corrupt judiciary, and money minting charities which are killing the people and development.
They simply kill innovation, wealth creation and scare foreign investors to flee to other countries and India is left with poor hungry people.

Nobody will come to India to make her livable. India herself has to grab the opportunities and merit. The world will not care about us and it will move on. India and Indians have to change and make it attractive in the post-COVID era. It can be possible when we change our mindset, which then is suitable in our wealth-creating pursuit.

We have to believe it “It was appalling to be so poor and backward that we couldn’t tackle an epidemic of a disease with distinction.” We can foolishly shout: Money is not everything in life, but we have to admit that it is very important – for everyone and for a nation.

In the post-corona time, there will be a total mess in the economy and employment. This is true to the entire world. But it can also create new opportunities for these migrant workers. They can start their own business in their villages and town, in the field of vegetable, fruit, dairy, animal husbandry, scrap, agriculture, skilled jobs etc.

It is talked that industry and business want to move out of China. So we must attract them with positive reforms in the field of bureaucracy and judiciary, else new investment will only be a dream.

Corona has taught us many lessons about personal hygiene, cleanliness, discipline, and patience. Apart from this we must stop the hollow slogans like freebies, social justice and secularism but invest in public health, hospitals, medical education and medical facilities and strengthening the police force.

The biggest lesson is to de-congest the big cities, state capitols, and district headquarters. Develop villages and small towns to stop this migration to cities. All the new industries and offices should be opened only in villages and small town. We must stop criticizing the governments and depending on the governments for everything from the free toilet and free food to free transport to free health care.

Shun the tendency of profiteering, mainly during a disaster. Purge the mindset that a nation is only to feed the poor and backwards and give them every comfort perennially. We have to purify our mindset and priorities. Our goal should be to make India rich and powerful.

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