Violent Leftist Rioters Cause Carnage Across America, Looting, Fires, Shootings, Carjacking & Kidnappings

Keith Ellison the Attorney General of Minnesota is seen holding a book by the violent fascist terrorist group ANTIFA, a fascist group that claims they are anti fascist.

Social unrest has turned into a war-zone in Minneapolis, worsening by the day, has become an international story. The world is watching as protesters breached the Minneapolis 3rd Police Precinct building and set it ablaze on Thursday night.

The police station on E. Lake Street, across from the Target that was looted and burned on Wednesday, has been the center of demonstrations this week as people demand justice after the death of George Floyd, who died in police custody on Monday.

Minnesota Gov. Tim Walz called in the National Guard to help quell the violence. Protests have spread to New York City, Los Angeles, Phoenix, Denver, Louisville, Columbus, and Memphis.

Minneapolis Mayor ?Jacob Frey says in a press conference that it was his decision for police to abandon the 3rd Precinct headquarters. “The symbolism of a building cannot outweigh the importance of life … brick and mortar is not as important as life,” he says. 

Leftist rioters stormed a Target store and stole goods, the store has been mostly destroyed inside.

Unruly violent Leftist rioters are seen looting and stealing couches from Furniture Barn in St. Paul.

Latest Reports are circulating on social media that leftist rioters are kidnapping white girls off the streets and raping them, and violent leftist are shooting at random cars in the Minneapolis riots.

CVS on Snelling is on Fire. Car jacking and kidnapping just occurred. They’re shooting st random cars on university. Do not leave your home. It is extremely dangerous in here,” a Twitter user from Minneapolis wrote.

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Multiple Humveesfrom the Minneapolis-Saint Paul Air Station National Guard are headed to the 3rd Precinct sent out to try and gain back control of the city from violent leftist.

As Summit News reports, a video clip shows a black woman and former NAACP chapter president trying to collect medication for her daughter outside a Target store in St. Paul telling rioters “these motherf**kers need to go home!”

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“Leave this shit alone – “these motherf**kers need to go home!” she shouts, “these people don’t give a damn about George Floyd.”

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Activist Joshua Potash shared the footage on Twitter and claimed that the driver “intentionally” tried to run over the man.

“Warning: this is horrifying,” Potash captioned the clip.

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“Tonight at a #BlackLivesMatter protest in Denver a car pushed through the protesters blocking the street. Then intentionally turned to try to run a man over.”




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