Riots Spreading from Large Cities to Suburbs Like Scottsdale AZ and Palm Springs CA

Original outrage over the death of George Floyd, which has prompted nationwide protests, has turned into an opportunity for criminals to loot and destroy neighborhoods.  Protesters are not targeting police stations or government buildings in protect, but rather choosing upscale shopping centers like Rodeo Drive, or the Scottsdale Fashion center in Arizona.


The next target for looters is  the Coachella Valley where organizers say they are planning to hold rallies in Palm Desert and Palm Springs. the locations of course are not government buildings, but upscale shopping centers were Gucci and a  nearby Ferrari dealership is.


Another riot is being planned for 9 a.m. to 11 a.m. on June 6 in Palm Springs, of course in the area of the upscale shops, where looters can steal the best goods.

According to social media posts the event is called, “Enough is Enough,” and its organizers say they “intend to peacefully protest the murders of black men and women throughout the nation who have lost their lives due to racial injustice.”  So far those intentions has not turned out to be true.

Here is a post of a rioter planning to look the area.

Local are preparing for the worse.

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Local Business owners boarded up their businesses last night.

Police have been given stand down orders and are basically allowing the injustice to happen before their eyes.

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In Beverly Hills.

When the rioters run out of upscale business to loot what will be next, your neighborhood or your homes?




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