Silence of Corona

The bells have stopped buzzing,
Nor does the Azans piercing,
Sermons of the pastor no mincing,
Only death has increased counting.

Lifts are empty running,
No visitor to see liftman smiling,
The loud chatter of colleagues missing,
Loss is the caption of the daily morning.

Bread-milk supplier nowhere going,
Cab drivers have stopped plying,
Traffic sergeant has stopped whistling,
Roadside hawkers stopped hawking.

Anxious kids see schools waiting,
Theatres and viewers eager for screening,
Ice-creams waiting for lovers for sharing,
Guards sat with the empty register at the building.

Mother no more goes for surprise checking,
Friends halted for tip-toe hugging, kissing;
Sans angry arguments for irregular coming,
The happy life of the past always echoing.

In Case You Missed It:  Greece arrested 79 individuals on charges of arson, perhaps in an attempt to blame it on climate change. Is this what happened in Maui, Yellowknife and Tenerife? Environmentalist are trying to falsely magnify "climate change" to use it as an excuse  to promote Marxism
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