Defund the Courts! Lawless St Louis DA Prosecuting Couple for Self-Defense Against Rioters

The thuggery in our court system is unbelievably high.  Corrupt District Attorney in St. Louis wants to prosecute couple Mark and Patricia McCloskey for defending their lives and their home from vicious rioters that had broken down the gate to storm onto their property.  It was a good thing that these homeowners had a gun to defend themselves or they could have been attacked.

Watch the difference between Tucker Carlson’s interview with Mark McCloskey above and the hostile interview from the rude, lying jerk Chris Cuomo below.  Chris Cuomo is a manipulative hypocrite who does not believe in the rights of homeowners to defend themselves.  What would Cuomo do if rioters were breaking down his gate and threatening to attack him?  He would probably defend himself.  Chris Cuomo is the same idiot who broke quarantine and then yelled at the person that caught him out of  quarantine that simply asked him why he was out.  Later, Cuomo said he was stuck in his basement for the entire duration of the quarantine.  Chris Cuomo is a lying scumbag.

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