Two GOP Senators Kowtow to Marxists with Proposal to Cancel Columbus Day

The coronavirus might be a hoax, but hysteria is highly contagious.  Cancel Culture is tearing down our history and now two GOP senators are decidedly on board with that destruction.

From Fox News:

Republican Sens. Ron Johnson and James Lankford on Wednesday introduced an amendment proposing to replace Columbus Day with Juneteenth as a new federal holiday to avoid putting the U.S. “further in debt.”

“In response to a bipartisan effort to give federal workers another day of paid leave by designating Juneteenth a federal holiday, we have offered a counterproposal that does not put us further in debt,” Johnson said Wednesday. “We support celebrating emancipation with a federal holiday, but believe we should eliminate a current holiday in exchange. We chose Columbus Day as a holiday that is lightly celebrated, and least disruptive to Americans’ schedules.”

Columbus, Ohio doesn’t have any Columbus statues since they have been torn down.  They even took down the statue that was a gift from Genoa where Columbus was born.

From CBS News:

Columbus, Ohio, removed a statue of its namesake, Christopher Columbus, from outside its City Hall on Wednesday morning. The monument is one of the most recent to be taken down amid a nationwide call to replace statues of colonizers, slave owners and other controversial historical figures.

Crews arrived early Wednesday to begin taking down the statue. The removal took approximately three hours, CBS Columbus affiliate WBNS-TV reported. The statue, a gift from Genoa, Italy, in 1955, will be placed at a secure city facility.

Mayor Andrew Ginther announced on June 18 that the statue would be removed, stating that it does not reflect the city.

Tucker Carlson rightly asks what holiday should be canceled next?

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Wisconsin and Oklahoma, let’s make sure to vote these Republican traitors out of office next chance we get.  Most Republican senators are doing nothing to stop this rioting and destruction of our history by Marxists, but these two are worse because they are actively joining with them.

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