Report: Israel Caused Iranian Nuclear Site Explosion

Iran: Israel was behind an explosion and fire at Iran’s Natanz nuclear complex, a Middle Eastern intelligence official with knowledge of the incident told The New York Times on Monday. A member of the Iranian Revolutionary Guards Corps confirmed to the Times that an explosive was used in the incident as well. Both officials spoke on condition of anonymity.

A top commander in the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps said on Sunday that Iran has built underground “missile cities” all along its southern coast, warning they would be a “nightmare” for Tehran’s enemies.

Israel on Monday launched a new spy satellite that it said would provide high-quality surveillance for its military intelligence. Israel has been building up its surveillance capabilities to monitor enemies such as Iran, whose nuclear program it sees as a major threat.  The Ofek 16 reconnaissance satellite  is expected to deliver its first images in a few days.

Israeli aircraft struck Hamas positions in Gaza after three rockets were fired from the Hamas-run enclave towards southern Israel on Sunday night. IAF jets and helicopters struck an underground facility belonging to Hamas in the northern part of coastal enclave, the IDF said.

COVID-19: Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu will convene the cabinet on Monday to continue discussions about how to handle the coronavirus outbreak that is plaguing the country. Numbers continue to climb and health experts are saying that the government has lost control of the disease.

A panel of experts advising Israel’s National Security Council on the coronavirus pandemic recommended that Israel immediately announce a state of emergency, amid a spike in new cases. Hospitals may collapse amid an increase in numbers of seriously ill patients and “the health system will be in danger if the outbreak is not contained in the coming week,” the panel wrote.

Palestinian frustration and anger with the Arab world for its general indifference to Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu’s plan to apply Israeli law to parts of the West Bank and the Jordan Valley are growing, Palestinian Media Watch reported. Diplomatic sources say that high-ranking officials in Egypt, Saudi Arabia and several Persian Gulf states have told their Israeli counterparts that they do not plan on taking any action against Israel beyond declarative condemnations.

Antisemitism Watch: The Simon Wiesenthal Center condemned a 4th of July address featuring Nation of Islam leader Louis Farrakhan, who appeared on rapper, singer, songwriter Sean “Puff Daddy” Combs’ Revolt TV – broadcast on YouTube. Farrakhan said that Jews had supplanted the Torah with the Talmud: “They made that word in their minds and in their believers’ minds greater than God’s word.”

A weekly newspaper in Kansas has removed a political cartoon comparing Governor Laura Kelly’s order requiring state residents to wear masks to the Nazis ordering Jews to board cattle cars taking them to death camps.

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