Eleventh Anniversary of The Conservative Papers

Today marks the eleventh anniversary of the first published post of The Conservative Papers appearing on the web.


Eleven years ago on the seventh day of the seventh month of 2009 (July 7th), The Conservative Papers came to fruition. With over 18,000 posts along with a growing library of content, we are increasingly expanding our presence on the Internet.

Our speech has been censored by the tech giants in Silicon Valley and we have been demonetized by Google which serves as a monopoly in the field of Internet Advertising and information.  Google will not provide a reason for us being demonetized and will not show us the offending material.  We have appealed this tyrannical ruling of Google unsuccessfully.  In addition, our Twitter account has been suspended multiple times.  When we had approached them about their political bias and censoring of political speech they do not agree with, they promptly apologized and stated the suspension was in error.  However, Twitter suspended it again shortly thereafter and ignored our requests for unsuspension or for even a reason for the suspension.  Senator Ted Cruz (R-TX) was correct to question them on their suspension practices of conservative accounts and Twitter should be brought back to testify before Congress on their unjust behavior.  Fortunately, Twitter eventually unsuspended the account with the same excuse that it was in error.  YouTube has also been censoring conservatives and has removed a video of ours that simply depicted Palestinian children being trained with guns.  This was too much for YouTube and they pulled the video.  Google has also been working to rig the next Presidential election to ensure that a “mistake” like Trump winning will not happen again.  Project Veritas has uncovered more of their evil plans.  Clearly, the greatest interference in our election process is being done by the tech giants.

We originally created this website and community because Obama had just taken office and the freedoms we enjoy were slowly eroding.  We had hoped that Obama would have either been voted out of office or impeached for his many transgressions and crimes. However, that was not the case, and Obama enjoyed two terms.  We found that we had to fight harder than ever to make the public aware of Obama’s socialist and divisive agenda.

Unfortunately, Obama ushered in the Marxism and rioting that we are seeing today.  He made sure to remove those in the military who would not fire upon Americans and now with all of the chaos, the fear of impending martial law is in the air.  Today’s military will not be afraid to fire upon Americans if the orders are given to do so.  COVID-19 is being used as a tactic to remove freedoms from Americans and, unfortunately, Trump is unwilling or unable to stop it.  Tyranny is spreading in this nation and hopefully we all wake up and come together to fight off the oppression that government is attempting to throw upon us.  Today we face a growing threat of dwindling freedoms and expanding government control.  President Donald J. Trump had been doing honorable work while in office and he achieved much up until this year.  The economy was booming, unemployment was at all-time lows, our military is being strengthened while reestablishing our superiority with North Korea and Iran, ISIS has lost most of the territory they had captured, the US embassy was moved to the true and eternal capital of Israel, the Golan Heights were rightly recognized as belonging to Israel, taxes have been cut, regulations have been slashed, and Trump has appointed two justices to the US Supreme Court.  Trump is doing much in the face of continuous opposition by the media, leftists, and elitists in this country who are simply angered that Hillary Clinton lost the election.  The leftists will clearly stop at nothing to destroy our nation.

This leaves us with much to do including the full repeal of Obamacare.  Together we can spread the ideas and values of conservatism of the US Constitution in order to preserve this great republic that we all hold dear.

Please encourage your fellow Americans to write to their Representatives and Senators so we can restore our country to its once glorious and proud position as a beacon of hope and freedom for all.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank our readers, writers, and to those who have contributed their thoughts and comments in helping us to achieve this anniversary. As usual, we welcome your suggestions and ideas on how we can continue to bring the content you enjoy most.

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