Obama Years Sowed the Seeds for the Current Societal Chaos

By Steve McCann

The election of Barack Obama in 2008 and the unfathomable defeat of his hand-picked successor Hillary Clinton in 2016 rendered inevitable the societal chaos and attempted cultural revolution presently roiling the country.  This entire wretched spectacle comes with a label of origin: Manufactured by Obama and Associates.

After nearly 40 years of gradual infiltration and eventual domination of the Democrat party, as well as the media, entertainment and education establishments, the radicalized American left in 2008 achieved a major objective.  They found their ideal stealth candidate, Barack Obama.  Not only was he, beneath the façade of glibness and conviviality, a fellow Marxist/socialist, but more importantly, he was able to take advantage of decades of inculcated racial guilt among the populace.

Thus began the final stages of the grand strategy to fundamentally transform the nation, following the installation of the most radical administration in the history of the country.  Revealingly, the victors were unabashedly shameless in their triumph.  In their myopic belief that they and their fellow travelers were permanently ensconced in government, the Obama administration and their sycophants in the media did not hesitate to openly advocate and implement policies not wanted by the electorate.  Whether health care reform, amnesty for illegal aliens, unfettered and unrestrained voting and attendant fraud, gun control or packing the judiciary with likeminded leftists, their primary purpose was not, as they proclaimed, to improve the lives of the citizenry but to make certain the radical left would be permanent occupants in the corridors of power.

Additionally, and for the same overall objective, Barack Obama and his henchmen deliberately fanned the flames of race and identity politics to further divide the populace and foment riots that would dramatically enhance the power of the central government.  Obama never missed an opportunity to pour gasoline on the flames of violence and racial animosity, whether it was justifying voter intimidation by the Black Panthers in Philadelphia, the Trayvon Martin incident in Florida, the Michael Brown shooting in Ferguson, Missouri or the Freddie Gray episode in Baltimore, among others.  Thus, Obama gave his tacit imprimatur to the formation of the Marxist Black Lives Matter Organization and wordlessly sanctioned violence and looting in any racially charged incident in the future.

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Therefore, every action, policy and pronouncement made during the eight years of the Obama Administration must be viewed through the prism of Marxist/socialist megalomania and self-aggrandizement.

The destructive political/economic philosophies of Marxism and socialism are embraced by modern day self-absorbed supremacists not to improve the lot of the proletariat but to achieve permanent political power.  The governing end-product of Marxist thought is the same as monarchies and oligarchies — the domination of a state by a select class or individual.  Today’s progressives or Marxists/socialists are no different than those other rulers throughout the history of mankind who fervently believed they were pre-ordained as a class to rule the masses.

As modern democratic societies will not accept the concept of an authoritarian dictator or monarch, a powerful central government dominated by true believers, with its trappings of legitimacy, serves as a substitute.  For this strategy to succeed, the public must, over time, be manipulated and intimidated by the unrelenting provocation of class animosity, and unique to America, insoluble racial conflict.

In due course, a progressively larger swath of an intentionally ill-educated populace is gulled into accepting the premise that only government — and not the individual — can provide societal peace and the guarantee of economic security for everyone.  This cannot be accomplished in a country such as the United States in an era of adversity but rather one of overwhelming peace and prosperity when the public is quiescent and content.

The last period of true national hardship was the 1930s and the Great Depression.  In the intervening eighty years, as the United States evolved into the most powerful economic and military force the world has ever seen and its citizens the most prosperous, there has been an inexorable and near irreversible march to government domination of the citizenry.  Parallel to this track has been the rise of an ever-increasingly radicalized American Left.

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Over this same period, the bulk of the electorate, reveling in their prosperity and international status, assumed the nation was in reasonably good hands with the two political parties whose motives and agenda were rarely, if ever, questioned.  Most did not realize that by the mid 2000’s the increasingly radicalized left had a stranglehold on the Democratic Party.

Equally culpable for this nation being in its current predicament is the feckless Republican Party. It was, and remains, the only viable opposition, due to fact that the governmental structure of the United States can only function with just two major political parties.  Over the recent decades the Republican party establishment was more concerned about civility and status and were unwilling to fully warn the populace of the consequences of an all-powerful central government and the pitfalls inherent in the takeover of the education and entertainment establishment by the left.

The majority of elected and establishment Republicans were content to merely slow down the march to socialism, which eventuated in Barack Obama and his fellow travelers assuming the reins of power — a man who will be remembered in the annals of American history as the most destabilizing and least patriotic president ever elected.

The unfathomable loss to Donald Trump in 2016 was the first major setback to the American left since the election of Ronald Reagan.  Their giddiness during the Obama years over implementing their plans for permanent hegemony in American politics was replaced with uncontrolled anger, pettiness and an insatiable determination to exact revenge on those who dared deny them their birthright.

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The left would have reluctantly accepted a loss to a Mitt Romney clone, viewing it a setback, albeit a minor one, that would simply delay the inevitable.  But Donald Trump together with all the factions that voted for him, as well as the conservative media, represented an existential threat to their grandiose plans for themselves.  Their mortal enemies must not only be annihilated by any means possible but their ashes strewn across the desert regardless of the consequences to the nation as a whole.

Thus, the Russian collusion hoax, the unremitting vilification of Donald Trump and anyone connected to him, incessant and adolescent name calling, the Ukraine impeachment debacle, never-ending lies and wholesale fabrications in the media, the deliberate and ongoing attempt to prolong the unnecessary anxiety over the Wuhan Virus pandemic, and now utilizing their militant army of mind-numbed and oblivious automatons to promulgate violence and destruction throughout the nation.

The actual target of this treasonous and juvenile temper tantrum, aided and abetted by the credulous buffoons in the media, is not Donald Trump.  It is the citizenry and everything this nation stands for and has accomplished in 244 years, so that never again will the people insolently reject the Marxist/socialists as they did after Obama, when the left stood on the brink of permanent domination.

To that end, instead of nominating a stealth candidate, as in 2008, the nominee will be a ventriloquist’s dummy in Joe Biden who will do and say whatever he is told.  All the while they are counting on the voting public to blame Trump for the four years of carnage inflicted by the radical left.  Accordingly, the citizenry having learned their lesson about electing an irredeemable and loutish outsider will overwhelmingly vote for Biden and the Democrats.  Or so these narcissistic cretins have convinced themselves.

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