Ghislaine Maxwell Documents Unsealed Show Comey / Muller FBI Protected Epstein

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The same Jim Comey that lied under oath to Congress on multiple occasions under oath about Hillary’s email crimes, and the same Muller that investigated Trump on made up charges by the Obama administration in a set up, also protected pedophile child rapist Jeffery Eipstein.

Ghislaine Maxwell’s lawyers tried to keep x-rated evidence related to pedophile Jeffrey Epstein from going public, but a judge denied the appeal and released damning docs on Thursday evening.

A witness interview revealed Bill Clinton was at Epstein’s pedophile island with Jeffrey Epstein, Ghislaine Maxwell and “2 young girls.”

The documents discuss allegations that a minor girl was trafficked to Maxwell, Prince Andrew and Attorney Alan Dershowitz (although he has always denied these allegations).

The documents also reveal the Mueller and then Comey FBI knew about these crimes for years and held evidence at the bureau.

The FBI even had copies of the infamous Prince Andrew photo with the young Ghislaine Maxwell victim.

The Comey ran FBI during the Obama administration continued to protect the child rapist Epstein, one little girl knowing Comey will do nothing and not go after Epstein begged the FBI for the pictures of her being raped when the FBI raided Einsteins home. They denied her request and she was unable to go forward with her civil lawsuit.

Comey is so dirty he tried to tie Trump to the case, must like Obama set Trump up in Obamagate leading to the Muller investigation.

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During the investigation of Epstein citizen Donald Trump’s name came up.  The FBI attempted over and over to tie the famous New York developer to misconduct, but to no avail.

Per a review of documents released last night in the Jeffrey Epstein case, the Comey run FBI under Obama tried to tie the now deceased pedophile to citizen Donald Trump but were unable to do so.

The FBI failed to drag Trump into the Epstein mess. But they sure tried.  One of the abused victims mentioned that Donald Trump was a good friend of Epstein’s.  When asked about it, the only response the witness could make was that she stated this because Epstein told her that, nothing else.

The FBI asked the victim over and over if Trump was ever with Epstein but to no avail:

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Clearly the Comey run FBI under Obama was corrupt to the core and protected the politically connected from vile crimes such as child rape. Just like Comey played down Hillary Clinton’s crimes in her email scandal he also protected them after raping children.

This is a message to William Barr to stand above these criminals and show the world there is still a justice system in the United States.  Barr must push Durham for all the crimes committed by Obama and his administration and start arrested them all for high crimes.  Anything less show Barr is just another shill to protect the political elite.

Damning evidence of systemic corruption of the FBI under corrupt Comey during the Obama administration. Literally ignoring complaints of sexual abuse from minors at the hands of powerful people, that is how Comey, Obama and Muller play.  How much lower could the Obama administration go? No Director and no president has ever done more damage to the FBI as Comey and Obama.

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They have destroyed the reputation of a once respected agency that will take decades to repair! William Barr must being integrity back to the FBI by  Shoe #1 to drop against prominent criminal Democrats in Obamagate and Mullergate. Shoe #2 to be Durham indictments and Obama and Comey’s arrests.



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