Ugly Implosion of South Africa and How Racist BLM Want To Bring Same Racism to the USA

Black Lives Matter is an anti-white racist group, no different than the Klu-Lux-Klan, they hates whites and want to see them suffer.  The believe whites have earned the suffering.,

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In 2018, Tucker Carlson highlighted the expropriation of land from white farmers in South Africa.  He stated, “As land seizures based on skin color shows, South Africa is once again becoming a place where an entire group of people is targeted for discrimination and violence on the basis of their skin color.”  Black Lives Matter leaders want to bring this ideology and hate into the USA too.

As late as the 1980s commentators predicted that any transition from white minority domination and black majority rule would precipitate a bloody civil war.

In 1994 South Africans replaced president F.W. de Klerk with Nelson Mandela in a free and fair election that astonished the world.”  Thus, “South Africans of all races voted in the country’s first democratic elections, choosing Mandela as their first black president.

Former president Jacob Zuma (2009–18) “brought the country a reputation for corruption and ineptitude.”  In fact, in 2018, the World Bank ranked South Africa as the most corrupt country in the world. This in the same manner Obama also brought corruption to the United States, using IRS to attack political foes, Obamagate spying, Fast and Furious, meeting on tarmac’s in the back of private jets.

In 2018, Hammond and Tupy, “in reviewing South Africa’s flirtation with the idea of changing its constitution to let the state expropriate farmland without compensation from White farmers, wrote that South Africa need only look north to Zimbabwe to see the disastrous consequences of this kind of policy.”

Zimbabwe’s former dictator, Robert Mugabe, gave “the green light to his paramilitary supporters to invade commercial farms, seize some 23 million acres of land and the confiscated farms were resettled with small scale agriculturalists.  Many of the new would-be-farmers had no real knowledge of commercial agriculture and many soon returned to subsistence farming.  The actual commercial farmers left for other African countries and the result was devastating food shortages in a nation once dubbed the ‘bread basket of Africa.'”

Today we see in the USA the claims of white privileged and putting priority on hiring non-whites and favoring non-whites as policy.

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No in 2019, “ten million people were unemployed in South Africa, and the country had a national debt of more than $200 billion.”  It is a country “ravaged by almost a decade of extensive corruption” and “collapsing water and electricity services.”  This was the grim picture. The USA is heading down the same exact direction, massive debt, corruption like Obamagate and favors to those connected to the political elite like Hunter Biden getting paid from China and Ukraine.  Obama back room books deals to get kickback in the tens of millions, this corruption leads to the fall of an empire.

The south Africa the corruption so bad in May of 2019, an election was held to “decide whether South Africa would be able to repair the damage done by nine years of corruption, which has crippled [the] government and caused great hardship for [the South African] people, said University of Johannesburg Vice Chancellor Adam Habib.”  Democratic corruption like we have seen from Obama is also causing much damage to our country and heading down the same path as South Africa.

South Africa also only has two major political parties, the African National Congress (ANC) and the Democratic Alliance (DA).

A radical leftist groups called The Economic Freedom Fighters (EFF), whose racist leaders have encouraged land invasions of white owned land, and have been accused of inciting racial hatred, and whose protests like we see right now in the USA have also exploded into violence.

‘The EFF is proto-fascist leftist organization.  It’s particularly violent, it’s particularly militaristic, it’s

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particularly focused on spectacle; it’s particularly focused on the aggrandizement of the individual leader.’  The party’s leader, or ‘commander-in-chief,’ is … 37-year-old racist Julius Malema.  Shortly before the polls, he … made the following public utterance: ‘We are not calling for the slaughtering of white people — at least for now.’  The populist EFF says if ever given the chance to govern, it will seize all banks, mines, and land, and dole out the wealth to impoverished black South Africans.

Political commentators has asked how long before the left in the United States has its own Julius Malema, promoting hatred, taking homes from white people to make up for crimes these whites never were even involved with, but judged by their skin color alone?

We can see the left making a Julius Malema like bigot their leader and promoting them up to be a possible US presidential contender in the next 10-15 years.

Attacks on farmers in South Africa mount, and “being a white farmer can be a life-threatening occupation.” Think it cannot happen here in the US, well it is happening. It not only statues, but business of whites are being attacked. Non-White business owners spray paint messages to rioters sating the business is black owned a message to not loot or burn it down. Of course white owned business are an acceptable target of leftist to destroy right here in the USA, and leaders in the Democratic party are cheering this on.

South Africa is on the verge of collapse and set to become the next Venezuela, the USA  is still 10-20 year behind this type of radicalism. Although tyrannical socialism is gaining in popularity with the younger leftist Americans.

South Africa also like the USA has been hit hard by COVID.  The South African government has “instituted one of the world’s most repressive coronavirus lockdowns, under which people are not even allowed out to exercise or walk the dog and the sale of alcohol and tobacco has been outlawed.

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These reports should not be surprising when one considers the way South Africa’s president, Cyril Ramaphosa, chose to celebrate Freedom Day.  Taking to Twitter, Ramaphosa revealed that he had a conversation with his ‘Brother, President Nicolas Maduro of Venezuela’ noting, ‘Our two countries share a close and deep historical bond based on friendship, solidarity and cooperation.’  Perhaps, then, it’s no surprise that the ANC has turned to the likes of Cuba and Venezuela. For more than a decade, economic freedom in South Africa has been steadily declining as the government has inserted itself more and more into economic and private life.

Lawlessness now prevails in South Africa.  See this YouTube video about how people have to safeguard their cars in Durban.  As “freedom has declined, so has economic growth and opportunity, so that now more than a quarter of the population is unemployed and, thanks to the failing state education system, largely unemployable.  When one accounts for all those who have simply given up looking for work, the unemployment rate rises to a crippling 40 percent.”

Lawlessness in leftist protests are also out of control in the United States, people cars burned, their businesses destroyed, the cities looted and vandalized by radical leftist mobs.

Leftism is failing in South Africa, the ANC is failing and presiding over a slowly failing state.  Like Venezuela, it seems intent on doubling down on bad policies.  One of the most contested issues currently is the government’s policy of Expropriation Without Compensation (EWC), which would allow the state to seize land without paying for it, trashing property rights enshrined in the country’s constitution.  We can see similar such results in Detroit or Chicago but not yet to the extreme of South Africa.

Another is the ANC’s move to effectively nationalize health care, even though state hospitals are failing and private clinics offer high levels of care. Leftist in the USA also demand this same lower quality so

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called ” FREE” healthcare in the United States.

The ANC in South Africa had set a goal of stealing 30% of white-owned land and giving it to black farmers.  Historically, the ANC operated with a ‘willing buyer, willing seller’ model, but tight funding meant that those transfers happened very slowly and on a small scale.  White farmers control an estimated 73% of commercial farmland today.  To try to ease crushing rural poverty, the government has begun to explore legislation that would allow land to be seized without compensation.”  Imagine this happening inside the USA, some sort of reparations to take white owned business or homes and giving them to blacks. Think this cannot happen here?

Are Socialism and anti-White Bigotry also the future of the USA, are the riots happening right now the start of this revolution to turn the USA into the next South Africa?

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