Al-Arabiya Massive Blast in Beirut  at Ammunition Warehouse Belonging to Hezbollah Terrorists

A MASSIVE explosion rocked Beirut, Lebanon on Tuesday.
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The National News Agency reported that the explosion was at a warehouse for “firecrackers” near the port.

More than 78 people were killed and nearly 4,000 injured, including serious lying, in a huge explosion that rocked Beirut’s port on Tuesday afternoon.

On Tuesday, an explosion was heard in the Lebanese capital. Clouds of smoke were seen rising heavily in the sky of the capital following the explosion. The bang arrived in Cyprus.

In an urgent development, a steamer caught fire off the port of Beirut after the huge explosion, and it was not known if it had passengers or workers on it.

An officer at the scene asked journalists to leave the entire port area for fear of an explosion. Many containers in the harbour seemed to have turned into rubble.

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National mourning in Lebanon on Wednesday

For his part, Lebanese President Michel Aoun called on the Supreme Council of Defense for an emergency meeting tonight, Tuesday, at Baabda palace to discuss the Beirut bombing.

Al-Hadeth from Jordan reported (translated):

Security sources said two explosions occurred in Beirut, leaving one wounded. The Lebanese Minister of Health also confirmed that a large number of people were injured.

The site of the accident was reportedly inside the Port of Beirut, specifically Ward 12, a warehouse for explosives.

The massive explosion damaged the glass of buildings in most parts of Beirut, and injured hundreds of people.

Look at this video at the 10 second mark!!!
Those aren’t fireworks!


Lebanese Interior Minister Mohamed Fahmy told Al-Jadeed television on Twitter that “the high explosives that were in Ward 12 were ammonium nitrate” and asked customs why they were there.

Lebanese Public Security Director Abbas Ibrahim said Tuesday night that the explosion in Beirut’s port in the afternoon was caused by ” highly explosive” materials.

In Tel Aviv, an Israeli official said that his government had nothing to do with the Beirut port explosion.

The Lebanese media also reported that the prime minister’s daughter, wife and several of his advisers were slightly injured.

A number of UNIFIL personnel were injured by the explosion at the Beirut port while on board a ship off the port and Israel informed UNIFIL that it would open the Naqura border crossing to bring them to an Israeli hospital for treatment.

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