WATCH: Women Detained by Police for Wearing Bikinis on Beach

Two women were detained by police at Myrtle Beach for wearing bikinis.  Police claimed that they were exposing too much of their bodies since they were wearing thongs and claimed that they were nude.  One woman was put in handcuffs and held by Officer Dick.  Incredibly, these two women were not given anything to cover themselves up with or allowed to immediately leave in order to put more clothes on.  If the reason for being detained was because of indecent exposure and being nude, then why would the police force them to stand on the beach for many minutes while they worked to determine the ordinance they were violating?  These officers do not appear to be following proper police protocol.

Disorderly Product News reports:

Original video from Samantha Panda along with the conclusion of the police investigation:

Bonus video from Disorderly Product News reporting on a man arrested for bird watching:

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