Black Lives Matter Mob Demands White People Move Out of Homes and Leave Them for Black People


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Is this South Africa, no sadly events happening right here in the USA. Coming soon to a Democrat-run city near you! They have destroyed and looted the city, stolen flat screens from the looted Target are not enough, they want more free stuff, including your home.

A Black Lives Matter mob held a rally in a gentrified neighborhood reportedly in Seattle on Wednesday where they demanded that white people leave their homes and give them to black people.

Via Mark Dice.

Here is more video:

The problem is they’ve been “given” everything their entire generation by the Dem-wit Democraps. All they know is how to get everything free. I am not referring to the black population as a whole. I am referring to these so-called “protesters.” If they’d spend less time “protesting” and worked a job like some of us.

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They want you you earned from you own hard work, they want it for free. Next the Marxist will start attacking the suburbs and rural areas. That is where they will finally meet the folks that truly want to be left alone. Make no mistake, if the Democrats win, they’ll eventually have the newly formed diversified police replacement forces round up whites and drag them from their homes, man won’t leaving willingly.

Black Man Approaches “privileged” 5-Year-Old White Boy Riding His Bike, Puts a Gun to His Head, Executes Him in Front of His Two Sisters.

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Darius N. Sessoms of Wilson, North Carolina is in police custody for executing a 5-year-old boy for being white.

5-year-old Cannon Hinnant on Sunday was riding his bike in front of his home when Darius Sessoms ran up to him, put a gun to his head and executed him in front of his two sisters.

Nothing but crickets from the mainstream media.

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