Love thy mother-tongue

This year results of UP Board were a shocker. Hindi answer sheets were a shocking eye-opener about the poor grip of students over their mother-tongue. They wrote Hindi words in English words in the Devanagari script. Apart from this, they were pierced with poor comprehension, wrong grammar and incorrect punctuation. Riddled with these nearly 8 lakh students failed in X and XII in Hindi although teachers are very liberal in marking nowadays.
Out of 28.75 lakh students, appeared for the Hindi and primary Hindi in X exams, 8.30 % failed in the exam. Similarly, out of 23.75 lakh students, appeared for XII exams, 11.3 or nearly 2.7 lakh failed in the mother-tongue exam, as per the data released by the board.
This is a regular occurrence. During the years, this number of failed student in Hindi has been increasing in the state which is the birthplace of Brij Bhasha, Khadi Boli, Bhojpuri, Awadhi, Bundelkhandi and birthplace of so many greatest poet and writers.
Frequent use of slangs, wrong Hindi, acronyms and jargon on social media is also responsible for this fall. Wrong English and wrong Hindi or ‘Hinglish’ has become very widespread among the new generation. So, Hindi grammar, spelling and other rules are not at all cared.
In the newly reformed system of education, too much emphasis is on English. States care for regional languages. Even Urdu has more supporters than Hindi. So in this deeper game, Hindi is the victim. Hindi is not an important language for competitions and job prospects. Even many students do not know the days of the week in Hindi. Hardly anybody knows the Hindi alphabets (varnamala). Students take tuitions of all the subjects and ignore Hindi. There are thousands of coaching institutes for English, Science, Computers and other competitive exams but none for the Hindi.
Teachers are also responsible for this decay in the mother tongue. They are incapable to teach the intricacies of the language. Merit is hardly considered while selecting teachers. Even teachers can be seen struggling with the grammar and spelling system of Hindi. They find it difficult to explain the poetry and drama to the students.
In the joint family system, grandparents and other extended family members used to teach, reading, writing, storytelling and educational games to the children and they were a part of the family environment. Children learnt several aspects of language reading and writing. Now, all the time modern parents are busy with the laptop and mobiles and they have no time for kids to teach.
There are thousands of English schools. There are thousands of schools of local languages. There are thousands of madrasas teaching Urdu. Unfortunately, there is hardly any school purely based on Hindi. On the contrary, there are many English schools those punish students if they speak Hindi.
For the good knowledge of Hindi, one must have adequate knowledge of Sanskrit. Unfortunately due to the apathy of the governments, Sanskrit is almost a dead language. Teachers, as well as students, should have good knowledge of Sanskrit too, for a good command over Hindi. Teachers should be appointed who have good command over Sanskrit for teaching Hindi. Use of Hindi dictionary and Hindi newspapers and magazines should be encouraged. With this dictations should be given in Hindi.
Authorities should also pay attention to quality education. In India, the emphasis is only on the number of students and not on the quality of the students. As a result of this almost one-fifth of the total population of the country is in the schools. Nearly 25 crores students are studying at schools. But quality education is nowhere to be seen.
Monitoring schools, appointments of meritorious teachers, compositions of classes, infrastructure, facilities to the teachers etc are ignored and neglected. Apart from this politicians and reformists impose their agenda on education. All these have harmed education and standard of schools.
Some un-academic work like Mid Day Meal, Census, survey, election duties, frequent transfer of the teachers etc is also responsible for the poor show by students. All such things should immediately be done away so that teachers can pay complete attention to students.
Since this is an age of internet and IT, the government should develop good and easy apps and fonts in Hindi and teachers should popularize those apps and fonts among the students. Hindi stories and games based on ancient Indian scriptures like the Gita, Ramayana, and Mahabharata etc should be made and they should be part of the syllabus. In admissions and competitive exams, additional marks should be given to those students and candidates who have Hindi and Sanskrit at the school level. Moreover, Hindi is not only a language but it is a strength of national integration and unity.

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