Washington State Patrol Rips Black Lives Matter Militant Out of Vehicle For Illegally Blocking Traffic on Highway

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Washington State patrol on Friday ripped a Black Lives Matter militant out of a vehicle for illegally blocking traffic on the NB-15 freeway.

BLM-Antifa terrorists shut down highway 99 during their “Seattle Morning March” so they thought they could rove into other parts of Washington and do the same.

BLM blocked traffic and protested on North Bound Interstate 5 freeway and thought they’d get away with it.



They were wrong.

Washington State patrol wasn’t having it and arrested every single BLM driver illegally blocking the highway an causing unsafe conditions.

State troopers approached a vehicle and the driver was defiant, resting arrest and fighting the police..


Law enforcement had enough of these violent Marxist and ripped the Black Lives Matter militant out of the driver’s seat and pushed back against others militants in the car claiming that they are ‘allowed’ to block the street.

‘This isn’t Seattle!’ the trooper yelled.

A black woman hurled racist insults to at a black trooper: “You’re a house n*****!”

WATCH (language warning):

“They took every single driver of our brigade.”



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