Joe Bidens Candidacy is Over, Corruption Leads Back to Joe Himself

The left is in panic as news releases of massive corruption from Joe Biden, the left is trying so hard to cover up the Biden-Obama crimes, Democrats even impeached Trump for daring to look into their crimes. Tech companies like Facebook and Twitter have blocked and removed almost every story or post about Biden’s crimes in an Orwellian like manner of censorship.

This is the week Joe Biden’s bid for presidency died as a massive cache of pictures and emails were just released to the public.  The left know the newly released info will lead to the end of Joe’s election chances. They have taken the most extreme measures of censorship, Democrats would make George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth blush.

John Paul Mac Isaac who owns a Delaware Mac computer repair store, came into possession of Hunter Biden’s water-damaged laptop in 2019. When the younger Biden never returned to his store to pay for the repairs Isaac carried out on the device, the Mac legally became the property of Isaac under the terms of the repair agreement with Biden- contrary to false information from Twitter and establishment liberals who claim that the laptop’s contents were “hacked.”

Isaac revealed that the FBI had tried to convince him to stay silent about his discovery of the laptop’s contents. The corrupt FBI did everything they could to cover up for Biden’s illegal activities.

They told me that nothing ever happens to people who don’t talk, the FBI, and that made me scared, because that’s not something I would expect the highest branch of,” said Isaac. “Don’t, don’t — It was more along the lines of, in our experiences when stuff like this happens nothing ever bad happens to people that keep quiet.” he added.

A reporter asked him if he believed the FBI was conducting a a “coverup” over the laptop and the subpoena, and he seemed to respond in the affirmative. Yeah that’s how I feel about it kind of. Well s***. No comment–It’s too late.

Hunter Biden’s laptop contained information and emails that will lead to the end of Biden’s career as a politician, information so damaging Bill Barr may have not choice but to make arrests. Barr whom continues Protecting the deep state is now backed into a corner.

The New York Post dropped the first set of the shocking October surprise on Joe Biden Wednesday morning and released smoking gun Hunter Biden emails, effectively ending Biden’s bid for the presidency.

Giuliani released a private text message sent from Hunter Biden to his daughter Naomi Biden revealing the Biden crime family’s distribution scheme.

Corrupt criminal politician Joe Biden was in on the mafia like take and  took half of what Hunter Biden gets paid from Ukraine, China, Russia, Romania and other countries. The Obama administration literally tied American taxpayer funds disguised as “Aid” and had a percentage flowing back to them in bogus jobs, and positions for family members of Joe Biden. Even John Kerry’s son was in on the take. Clearly an illegal kickback scheme using taxpayer AID funds to enrich themselves.

Hunter’s text to Naomi: “But I don’t receive any respect and that’s fine I guess. Works for you, apparently. I hope you all can do what I did and pay for everything for this entire family for 30 years. It’s really hard, but don’t worry, unlike Pop (Joe Biden) I won’t make you give me half your salary.

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Closeup screenshot of Hunter Biden’s damning text message to daughter Naomi Biden:

Democrats impeached Trump for looking into Biden’s crimes, it turns out Trump was correct and should have insisted on a Special Investigation. The Democrats shut him down with the impeachment hoax.

Newest leaked emails  show that Joe Biden visited the Ukraine just over a month after a Ukrainian business executive asked his son Hunter to arrange for ‘highly-recognized and influential US policy makers’ to travel to the country.

Revealed on Tucker Carlson Tonight, the November 2015 email from Vadym Pozharskyi says that the visits were needed to ‘close down any pursuits against the head of the firm’ Burisma, a company in which Hunter sat on the board. Biden caught in red handed in an illegal scheme quid pro quo to force out an investigation into his criminal family.



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