There is tons of evidence that Hundreds of Thousands of ballots are going to have to be discarded

By Jim Hoft

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Attorney for General Flynn, Sidney Powell, joined Maria Bartiromo this morning to discuss the ongoing investigations into this year’s election.

Sidney Powell: It’s just stunning Maria and then we have statistical evidence that we haven’t even brought out yet. My next venture is to explain the statistical anomalies to show it was statistically impossible for this election to come out the way it did. It’s just mathematically impossible for all the people who love science the math is dispostive.

Maria Bartiromo: Sidney, so you want to tell me more about that right now, or…

Sidney Powell: Well it’s a little bit complicated to explain but we have evidence of the same number of ballots or same number of votes being injected into the Wisconsin system and into the Michigan system three different times. I think there were two different injections of exactly the same numbers in Michigan and then in Milwaukee it happened three times… Needless to say time is of the absolute essence… On top of that we have several states where they did not follow the law established by their legislature. That’s a whole separate issue… We have four states who have deviated significantly from what the legislature told them to do… pallets of ballots coming in the back door. There is tons of evidence that hundreds of thousands of ballots are going to have to be discarded and they’re all for Biden…

Maria Bartiromo: Before we go I want to ask you about the software being used. Was it the Dominion software?…

Sidney Powell: We are reviewing all of that and connecting the dots. There is a substantial problem with the Dominion system.

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