APPALLING: Videos Prove Hacking E-Vote Machines Easy, Knowable, Training by YouTube


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INTRO: E-Vote Machine Hacking is Like an Olympic Sport. It’s so easy on the internet a teen & smartphone can master it! The 2020 election were hijacked by electronic fraud. Yet, a staggering number of articles and videos detail simplicity of hacking E-Vote machines. Many stories come from mainstream media, now pretending elections can’t be rigged. Yet a communist voting machine is a handy companion for a day chock-full of fraud. See 2 Min Vote Hack. (8/16/18)

Dates for the following videos reveal how long American officials KNEW of US election peril. Did Democrats obfuscate for massive 2020 election fraud? Understand every possible hack, of which dozens exist, could have been used on America’s under-secured election of 2020. See “Some Voting Machines Still Have Decade-Old Vulnerabilities” (9/27/19) Bellow are videos exposing E-Vote hacks.

I. Buy E-Vote Machines Off eBay

Computer security company Symantec posted: I Bought a Voting Machine Online … Then Hacked It! (10/3/18) E-Vote machines are absurdly easy to purchase anonymously off eBay, and even easier to hack! A security expert opens the machine and walks through what a hack looks like. Included are the machine’s history, its available information, and a long list of weaknesses. A great video for the average person to measure the ease at which bad actors defraud our elections and beat our machines. Please watch ASAP!

I Bought a Voting Machine Online … Then Hacked It

II. DEFCON: Simple Machines & Hacks

DEFCON is the official US Hacker conference, producing: How Hackers Target Voting Machines. (9/12/19) Several surprising facts emerge. First, despite extremely lax standards and terrible frauds on stolen elections, E-Vote companies refused to loan DEFCON machines to help expose security failures. Instead, used machines were ordered on eBay. Amazingly, since the 2000s, E-Vote machines all have an unchangeable, preset password. Astoundingly, most E-Vote machines SHARE THE SAME PASSWORD! See Mother Jones: “Researchers had 100 Voting Machines. Hackers Broke Into Every Single One.” (9/27/19) And DEF CON 27 Voting Machine Hacking Village Aug 2019. & Dominion voting.

How Hackers Can Target Voting Machines | NBC News Now

A Hacker Shows Us How Easy it is To Manipulate Voting Machines


III. US E-Vote Fraud a Breeze:

“Let’s say you run an authoritarian government, and you want to cause chaos in a democratic country. What’s an easy target? How about the voting process?” Why Hacking U.S. Elections Is So Easy (12/4/19) This video mirrors the 2020 fraud. See America’s Voting Machines Extremely Vulnerable to Hacks. (8/28/18) See Prof.  demonstrates hacking a voting machine. (9/18/16) “US Lab: E-Voting Machines Easy to Hack.” (10/17/11)

Why Hacking U.S. Elections Is So Easy

America’s Voting Machines Are Extremely Vulnerable to Hacking | NowThis

Professor demonstrates how to hack a voting machine

US Lab Says Electronic Voting Machines Easy to Hack

IV. Need to Watch Machines

In a bizarre video, Antonio Mugica, founder, designer, owner of Smartmatic admitted his system was hacked for a million votes in 2017. Worse, he claimed the only way to protect these machines was for all parties to watch the entire election. Shocking, given Smartmatic was used in 2020 swing states. See Election company: Venezuela result was tampered. In fact, experts claim only 3.7 million voters participated, not the 8 million the government stated.


Trump complains of future Vote Hack in 2016One can’t watch the above videos and not feel dismay and anger towards our dissembling, conniving leaders. Since Trump’s election was hacked, one can’t claim government was unaware of issue. This is no accident. Further, if we don’t battle Democrat corruption, we will lose our Constitutional Republic. Gone are fair elections if we don’t rise up now to defend our nation. God help us.



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