Biden’s Illegal Immigrant Gravy Train

By Rick Fuentes

In the face of congressional fiscal and logistical roadblocks, President Trump has been undaunted in his efforts to control illegal immigration through the use of emergency powers, executive fiats, and discretionary financing to build an $11 billion wall on the southwest border. Biden proclaims that he will not spend a dime on another foot of construction. Instead, he will sprinkle fairy dust over the heads of everyone who’s already breached it and turn a blind’s eye to those in passage. The new price of admission: lifelong fealty and a vote or two. Election fraud will be old hat, as counting ballots would become the constitutionally-protected, token expression for biennial Democrat landslides.

Customs and the Border Patrol, to the extent that they will survive the hissy fits of the Squad, will be made to sit on their hands in the role of babysitters and midwives. Coming late to the party, Sandy Cortez and her comrades did not bear witness to the crowded cages packed with Obama-era immigrants, a nasty practice that has made a non sequitur of her rants about CBP mistreatment under Trump and put a fluff in her political sails.

To the delight of American corporatists and the Bishop of Rome, safely tucked away in a gated city-state, no one at the borders or airport entries will sort the wheat from the chaff. Embargos on immigration from countries that put America in its crosshairs will be set aside, affording former adversaries an express lane to the shining city on a hill. America’s goodwill will be expended on all but her citizens, whose working-class communities will play host to a mixed bag of émigrés from third-world neighbors and war-torn Mideast outposts. The familiar black bloc regalia of Antifa seems a fashionable fit for a relocated American Daesh.

In 2015, the European community opened its borders to the huddled masses. Hordes from the war-torn Middle East and Africa, in numbers of two million or more, swept across the Mediterranean and Aegean, overrunning the Canary Islands and washing onto the shores of Spain, Greece, and Italy. As quickly as they could be put on trains and planes, they fanned out into Hungary, Germany, and Scandinavia.

Immigrants taken in by the globalist delusions of the European Union swelled by the tens of thousands, taxing government ministries with their welfare and forcing second-class citizenship on the native population. Attempts at assimilation went limp as divisive cultural, religious, and language differences pushed aliens into urban enclaves and no-go zones featuring all the semblances of their past lives, particularly violence, misogyny, unemployment, and poverty.

Today, Sweden is literally a hand grenade with the pin pulled out.  In 2019, Swedish police responded to 257 bombing and grenade attacks nationwide, up from 162 the previous year.  A 2016 investigation by Dagens Nyheter, Sweden’s most read newspaper, found that ninety percent of shootings in the country were committed by migrants.  Using hand-me-down weapons and explosives from the Balkan Wars and trafficked from southeast Europe, gang warfare has spread from the southernmost cities of Malmö, Gothenburg, and Stockholm, across the Öresund Bridge into Denmark.

Sweden authorities have gone to great lengths to put the kibosh on inconvenient truths of immigrant gun and bomb violence and rapes, going so far as to divert blame for the 2016 murder of a Stockholm social worker by sympathizing with the plight of the Somali teenager who stabbed her.  Some police commanders have broken ranks with this wokeness, acknowledging the presence of more than forty immigrant-based crime networks across the country whose activities have increased even in the face of a pandemic.  Swedish gangs with Western-style noms de guerre like Brothas and Loyal to Familia feature members with Muslim surnames.  Gun buybacks, grenade surrender amnesties, truces, sit-downs, pizza parties, and even the coronavirus, have failed to reduce the violence.

At the height of the migrant crisis in Germany in 2015 and 2016, violent crime spiked more than ten percent.  Ninety percent of that increase was attributed directly to the influx of more than a million mostly male, majority-Muslim asylum seekers and war refugees from north Africa, Afghanistan, Iraq, and Syria.  Like Sweden, the German government has taken pains to downplay stories of immigrant crimes, especially rape attacks on non-Muslim women, out of fear of inciting animus from the populace.

The rest of Europe has fared no better.  Rising crime and incidents of terrorism across the continent and the British Isles have put citizens and their political leadership at odds.  Compassion fatigue in some countries has given way to the emergence of vigilantism and political parties with platforms and anti-immigrant rhetoric.

Europe’s migrant crisis and aftershocks should raise the alarm for Democrats who would make vindictive changes to American immigration policy.  If allowed to seize the reins of the presidency, they will seek absolute power in those decisions, with little interest in heartwarming tales of long walks to freedom or the calamitous impact to local economies and constituents.

The first 100 days of a Biden presidency would reinstate deportation protections for 650,000 so-called Dreamers, along with 400,000 in temporary protected status, and look favorably upon putting the country’s more than eleven million undocumented immigrants on a greased downslope to citizenship and full voting privileges.  He may seek the release of more than 67,000 asylum seekers held back in Mexico, bringing about a renewed assault on our southwestern border.  He will not only lift the ban against foreigners migrating from unfriendly nations of the Middle East, but raise the caps as well.  Expulsions for reason of the pandemic will cease, ending a Trump policy that sent almost 200,000 illegal entrants back to their homelands in the last nine months.

Biden’s foreign policy initiatives will finish off Obama’s desire to put America in second place,  replete with Russia and China appeasement, getting Iran back on the destructive path to nuclear capability, reducing Saudi influence in the region, and giving the Palestinians renewed standing on the world stage.  A hair-trigger Israel will be caught in the middle, destabilizing other countries in the crossfire, setting off internecine conflicts that may require military intervention, and prompting additional waves of migration to Europe and America.

None of this sits well with a decisive number of Americans already convinced that their fundamental voting rights were compromised.  As we’ve seen from the coronavirus and its impact on the legitimacy of a presidential election, the fears of an unwitting electorate can be made to abet a duplicitous political outcome.  Imposing hurtful immigration policies on a suffering economy will follow a similar strategy.

We are a nation of immigrants, with a responsibility to protect our borders and the safety of our citizens by taking the full measure of those who have chosen to ignore the legal process.  Abruptly bringing millions of illegal aliens out of the shadows by the stroke of a pen will knock taxpayers back on their heels and secure one-party control for generations to come.  Who will push back?  After years of watering down free speech, perhaps allegations of xenophobia, racism, hate speech, and privilege will slap down any dissent.


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