Vehicle-Linked Explosion Rocks Downtown Nashville

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This explosion follows an explosion in Balimore the other day where at least 21 people were taken to area hospitals after an explosion at the Baltimore Gas & Electric building in downtown Baltimore.

Following that explosion is the Christmas Day bombing linked to a vehicle that rocked downtown Nashville on Christmas morning, sending shattered glass and debris over a wide area and rocking nearby buildings.

The Metro Nashville Police Department said via Twitter that the explosion occurred at 6:30 a.m. Friday and that state and federal authorities were on the scene, as were emergency crews including the fire department.

Police responded to reports of a suspicious vehicle parked outside the AT&T building just before 6 a.m. Upon arrival, police said an officer ‘had reason’ to alert the department’s hazardous devices unit, which was en route, when a ‘significant explosion’ happened,” the Tennessean reports.

Residents and first responders are being told to leave the area due to possible car bombs. Local media reports that the initial blast came from an RV.

There have been reports of gunfire before and after the explosion — as well as live ammo exploding inside of a vehicle that was ablaze.

Debris was ejected quite far. Some as far as 4-5 blocks away.Debris was ejected quite far. Some as far as 4-5 blocks away.

There are reports of heavy structural damage for at least one block and possible fatalities, as well as debris being recovered several city blocks in multiple directions.

Police are now saying the massive explosion in downtown Nashville has been deemed “intentional” by investigators. it is unknown who was behind the blast.  There are about 40,000 Muslims within the city, it is too soon to know if Islamic radicals are behind the attacks.




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