Pence Rushed Out of Senate Chambers as Patriots Storm Capitol, Electoral College Count Delayed

Electoral College Vote Count has been indefinitely delayed! Protesters have breached the chambers.

Patriots have breached the Capitol building, tearing down 4 layers of security fencing and have occupied the building, they are fighting federal police who have now been overrun.  This is the craziest thing I’ve ever seen in my life.

Vice President Mike Pence has been rushed out of the Senate chambers through underground tunnels as thousands of Trump supporters have stormed the Capitol grounds. Pence appeared to look terrified when he was on the move.

Protesters have made their way inside of the building and are outside the chamber. Panic ensues live on Television.

Police have been using what appears to be tear gas, flash bangs, and other less lethal munitions but failed to attempt to prevent the massive crowd from breaching the building.

Congressional office buildings have been evacuated due to the protest, those stuck behind have locked down in their offices.

The certification process of the Electoral College count has been indefinitely delayed.


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