Democrats To Another Set of Articles of Impeachment – Will Formally Introduce on Monday

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The Democrat Party was planning to Impeach Trump before he was even inaugurated. Now that many Democrats suffer from TDS they are abusing their political positions and the impeachment process and going for a final blow against President Donald Trump.

Unhinged l;leftist radical suffering TDS Rep. Cicilline submitted the following resolution on Friday.

If Democrats impeach Trump again in the US House, which they can with their slight majority.  The US Senate can wait to vote until after the inauguration of Joe Biden.

And that way they can prevent Donald Trump from running for president again. Isn’t the idea of democracy to allow the person chosen by the most votes win?  Even if that person is abhorrent to some…. So, preventing Trump running again would violate that, but Democrats don’t care about Democracy.

CNN’s Manu Raju received a copy.

What is Pelosi rush to remove Trump from office, that he could intact the insurrection act? Or perhaps the fact her laptop went missing during the protests, Authorities now have Pelosi’s laptop which probably has correspondence and cooperation with the CCP. If there is damaging info on her laptop,  this would allow Trump to arrest her after he invokes the Executive Order from 2018.

General Mcinerney confirms white hat operation.

Special Forces disguised as protesters took Pelosi’s laptop  when the Capitol Building was ‘breached’ .

Trump could declare the insurrection act on the morning of January 20 right before the inauguration and that suspends the constitution which suspends the inauguration. The question is does he have the support in the military and elsewhere in order to do this. That is really the biggest question, because if he declares it and no one backed him up it goes nowhere.

At the very least he needs to declassify every single thing that will embarrass the hell out of everyone of these SOBs and hope the FBI acts when they are pushed into a corner.

Or we will learn and  History will show that outsider Trump was unable to defeat the DC swamp by himself, that the depth and expanse….and corruption therein….was far, far more entrenched than anyone ever could have imagined.

Trump always planned to have two terms, and he intends to have two terms if it be 2020, or 2024 corrupt Democrats cannot, and will not stop him.




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