Biden’s Pick For Deputy Secretary of Education Believes Schools “Spirit Murder” Black Children – White Teachers Should Undergo “Antiracist Therapy”

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President Trump banned hateful and divisive critical race theory from federal agencies and Joe Biden, a lifelong racist, is bringing it back.

Joe Biden on Monday nominated San Diego Unified School District Superintendent Cindy Marten to serve as his administration’s Deputy Secretary of Education.

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Cindy Marten is a far left radical who promoted dangerous ‘critical race theory’ in San Diego public schools.

According to whistleblower documents obtained by investigative reporter Christopher Rufo, Marten promoted the concept that schools “spirit murder” black children and that white teachers should undergo “antiracist therapy.”

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San Diego Unified School District tells white teachers they are guilty of “spirit murdering” black children and should undergo “antiracist therapy for White educators.”

This summer, San Diego Unified hired critical race theorist Bettina Love for a district-wide training on “[challenging] the oppressive practices that live within … school organizations.” The district forbade recordings, but my whistleblower took screenshots and detailed notes.

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According to the whistleblower notes, Love began by saying that “racism runs deep” in America and that blacks alone “know who America really is.” Love claimed that public schools “don’t see [blacks] as human,” perpetuate “anti-Blackness,” and “spirit murder babies.”

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The concept of “spirit murder” is at the heart of Love’s teachings. Love writes that public schools are guilty of “the spirit murdering of Black and Brown children,” defines as “a death that is built on racism and intended to reduce, humiliate, and destroy people of color.”

Source material can be found at this site.

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