President Trump’s Pardons Are Undoing Corrupt Actions by the Criminal Deep State While Bill Clinton Made Money Using Pardons to Set Criminals Free

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Presidents Trump and Clinton used the pardon power for different purposes.  Clinton used pardons as a vehicle to make big money from big tax evaders. 

President Trump is pardoning individuals who were unjustly sentenced by the corrupt Deep State.

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Bill Clinton famously pardoned a number of individuals on his last day in office.  The entire list of all the individuals who Clinton pardoned is here.  This list included gamblers, drug pushers and tax dodgers.

Clinton’s most famous pardons were his last day in office.  The list included a number of people whom outsiders suggested paid for their pardons.  One such individual was Marc Rich:

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Rich made a large part of his wealth, approximately $2 billion between 1979 and 1994, selling oil to the apartheid regime in South Africa when it faced a UN embargo. He did deals with Khadafy’s Libya, Milosevic’s Yugoslavia, Kim Il Sung’s North Korea, Communist dictatorships in Cuba and the Soviet Union itself. Little surprise that he was on the FBI’s Ten Most Wanted List.

Facing prosecution by Rudy Giuliani in 1983, Rich fled to Switzerland and lived in exile.

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What bothered so many was that Clinton’s clemency to Rich reeked of payoff. In the run-up to the presidential pardon, the financier’s ex-wife Denise had donated $450,000 to the fledgling Clinton Library and “over $1 million to Democratic campaigns in the Clinton era.”

…But while the pardon was a political mistake, it certainly was not a financial one. In the years following the scandal, the flow of funds from those connected to Marc Rich or the pardon scandal have continued to the Clintons.

Jim Comey came on the scene and dropped the case against Clinton investigating the Rich pardon:

You’ll Never Guess Who Ran the Investigation Into Whether ‘Slick Willie’ (Bill Clinton) Got Paid for Pardoning Marc Rich


The Clintons got rich and the Deep State got promotions.

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Then came President Trump.  He would never have had to offer pardons if not for the corrupt actions of the Deep State.

It was reported a month ago when President Trump pardoned victims of the Deep State:

Yesterday, the president pardoned a number of individuals along with Roger Stone and Paul Manafort. Stone was treated to a gestapo-like raid on his home, which was conveniently covered by CNN, and then forced to suffer through a jury trial with a biased judge and jurists.

Manafort was prosecuted relentlessly for crimes that happened years before he began to work for Donald Trump, the same crimes that many democrats have been given slaps on the wrist for, and was actually set up by the government, who gave the key to his storage facility to the press so they could ‘report’ bombshells and look through his documents.

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The list goes on and on.  Sheriff Joe, General Michael Flynn and others who were persecuted by the Obama Administration and the Deep State were pardoned.  We could go on and on.

The crooked Deep State may be outraged, but President Trump ‘s pardons are righteous.  He pardons individuals who were victims of the Deep State, the Clintons pardoned criminals to make money.

Source material can be found at this site.

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