Trump Gives Farewell Address and Throws in the Towel; Swamp Is Deeper than Previously Thought

Trump gave a farewell address today and reminded the world of his many accomplishments as President.

Unfortunately, he could not defeat the swamp and placed many of them within his own cabinet.  He allowed the election fraud to prevail and for Americans to completely lose faith in the electoral system.  The election was really a selection and it is now obvious that our votes do not matter.  He is running from the White House with the swamp in control of the Presidency, the House, and the Senate.

Perhaps Trump was the wrong President for these times and not the champion that the people and this nation desperately needed in order to restore our freedom.

While Trump is allowing evil to win, he at least uncovered and unmasked it so that the evil is now recognizable by all.  We now know as a certainty that both parties are corrupt and their attacks on each other are just for show so that they can keep the American people divided.  Both parties are evil and are in bed together in order to squander the riches of our land and the fruits of our labor from us.

Watch President Trump’s farewell address below:

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