Maskless Biden Visits Lincoln Memorial After Signing EO Mandating Masks on Federal Property (VIDEO)

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A maskless Joe Biden visited the Lincoln Memorial after signing an Executive Order mandating masks on federal property.

Joe Biden signed 3 executive orders within hours of being sworn into office.

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None of Biden’s executive orders actually help Americans or put America first.

  • Mask mandate and social distancing be kept on federal property
  • Executive order on racial equity and “support for underserved communities”
  • Rejoining Paris Climate Accord

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Hours after mandating all peasants wear face masks on federal property, hypocrite Biden visited the Lincoln Memorial without a face mask on.

The authoritarian Covid rules are only for rubes.

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The left-wing media defended Joe Biden for ditching his face mask.

Sycophantic reporters said it’s ok that Biden didn’t wear a mask because he wore one prior to his TV hit and immediately afterward.

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If Trump did this, the reporters would light their hair on fire, run blazing headlines for at least a week and call for impeachment.

Source material can be found at this site.

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