BREAKING EXCLUSIVE: Arizona’s Maricopa Board of Supervisors Is Playing Games – Trying to Block a LEGITIMATE Forensic Audit of 2020 Election Ballots – Why?

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What is going on in Arizona?  After finally obtaining the right to audit the ballots in Maricopa County, those in power refuse to move forward and allow an audit by a legitimate forensic auditor. 

Their actions show their desire to hide invalid ballots rather than identify any issues with the 2020 election in Arizona.

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We reported on December 30th that concerned citizens in Maricopa County in Arizona got together to look into the election fraud in their state.  They performed data analysis and found between 160,000 to 400,000 ‘Phantom’ Ballots and performed door to door canvasing and found up to 30% of the addresses they looked at were fraudulent.  Their results were shocking.  Liz Harris introduced the project :

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The Arizona legislature held a hearing in December to discuss the various findings and accusations related to the election in Maricopa County and soon after the hearing the Senate subpoenaed the county.  The County Board of Supervisors, who oversee the election in the county, sued the Senate to prevent the audit.  Below are the Maricopa Board of Supervisors:

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But then the following occurred:

The county sued [weeks ago], claiming the Legislature lacked authority to examine ballots. But on Wednesday, the county dropped its opposition, acknowledging the Legislature’s authority. Fann said the county has agreed to turn over all requested materials, provided the auditor is certified by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission and that only authorized parties will have access to the data.

Unfortunately this was all another ruse to prevent an adequate review of the ballots and images in Maricopa County. 

According to an interview with Liz Harris, what the Board is not saying is that they want to select who performs the audit of their ballots because they can then prevent the things they don’t want reported through this auditor selection process.  Hickman, Sellers and Gates are all Republicans.  Gallardo is a Democrat.

Harris asks, “Why would the the Board of Supervisors do this?

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Harris says that she is afraid the people of Arizona won’t understand the fact that these same people who prevented the forensic audit in the first place want to mandate that the auditor be from the same group that blessed the Dominion machines (the US Election Assistance Commission).   She says, “Why does the Board not want to find fraud if there is fraud that exists.

We at the TGP have recommended for months that inventor and expert, Jovan Hutton Pulitzer, should be forensically auditing all the swing states results. 

Pulitzer is willing to do this basically for free.  He has a process and therefore there is no reason not to use this outsider to review these results of ballots, unless of course you are trying to hide something!

President Trump PLEASE CREATE AN EXECUTIVE ORDER and Have 2020 Ballots and Images Audited in Select States Using Jovan Pulitzer Method


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At the state level, there have also been roadblocks.  Karen Fann, the President of the Senate, Warren Peterson, Chair of the Arizona Judiciary Committee, and Michelle Ugenti-Rita, the Senator involved in Election issues, all need to step to the plate.

Why not have Pulitzer perform the audit alongside the chosen auditor by the Board of Supervisors, since Pultizer will do it basically for free?

Americans are upset.  There is an incredible amount of evidence of fraud in Maricopa County Arizona alone.  Americans need to see the evidence that the election was fair and free. 

Right now it looks like it was not – at least not in Arizona for sure.

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Americans demand an official audit of the ballots!

Source material can be found at this site.

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