Republican State Lawmakers to Introduce New Bills to Limit Vote-by-Mail, Require Photo ID to Vote, Clean Dirty Voter Rolls

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Republican lawmakers in several states are introducing legislation to overhaul voting after the Democrats stole the 2020 election by flooding states with millions of mail-in ballots.

The Democrats used Covid as a vehicle to usher in mail-in ballots, implement Zuckerberg ballot drop boxes and extend ballot counting for days and even weeks after Election Day in order to steal the election for Joe Biden.

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State lawmakers are now working to limit mail-in voting, require photo ID, clean up dirty voter rolls, end same-day voter registration and more.

Arizona State Rep. Kevin Payne (R) introduced a bill to require a notary’s signature on mail-in ballots, according to The Hill.

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Georgia Republicans are working to restrict absentee voting after the corrupt Marxist machine led by Stacy Abrams threw the state for Joe Biden and two Senators with unlimited mail-in ballots and no real signature audits.

The reforms on absentee voting in Georgia could include a photo ID requirement.

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Pennsylvania Republican lawmakers are planning on restricting mail-in ballots after a rogue Democrat governor destroyed the state with unlimited mail-in ballots.

The Pennsylvania constitution prohibits mail-in voting as outlined by a high profile lawsuit brought by plaintiffs Rep. Mike Kelly and Republican congressional candidate Sean Parnell.

The GOP-led state legislature in Pennsylvania is planning on holding multiple hearings on election integrity over the next several months after it was discovered that the state of Pennsylvania had 200,000 more votes than people who voted.

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A couple weeks ago, Michigan state senate leader Mike Shirkey said he working on new legislation that would require voters to show photo identification at the polls.

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