Janice Dean Breaks Down on Live TV After NY Officials Admit Covid Nursing Home Deaths Were Undercounted by 50% (VIDEO)

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FOX News weather forecaster Janice Dean lost both of her in-laws last summer to the coronavirus.

Dean’s in-laws were both at assisted living homes and BOTH DIED from the coronavirus.

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Janice Dean is convinced the reason they are no longer living is because of Governor Cuomo’s nursing home policy.

The actions of New York’s governor Andrew Cuomo have led to thousands of coronavirus deaths in the state.

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New York state was the epicenter of the coronavirus. The state has totaled over 42,000 deaths so far.

Governor Cuomo has never faced any scrutiny for his policies that forced sick people back to the nursing home.

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On Thursday the New York State Attorney General admitted that nursing home deaths in New York State were undercounted by as much as 50%.

Janice Dean went on with FOX News after the NY AG announcement and broke down in tears.

Source material can be found at this site.

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