Wisconsin Gov. Tony Evers Issues New Statewide Mask Mandate One Hour After State GOP Voted to Repeal Previous Mask Mandate

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Tony Evers

Wisconsin Governor Tony Evers (D) issued a new statewide mask mandate one hour after GOP state lawmakers voted to repeal the previous mask mandate.

The GOP-led Wisconsin senate last Tuesday voted 18-13 to repeal Democrat Governor Tony Evers’ statewide mask mandate.

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Governor Evers issued an emergency 60-day order in August of 2020 and continued to extend his unlawful mandates.

The joint resolution to end Evers’ emergency order passed the Republican-controlled legislature on Thursday in a 52-42 vote.

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Dictator Evers didn’t waste any time ignoring the will of the legislature, the body closest to the people that voted to repeal the mask mandate.

An hour later, Evers issued a new emergency order, including a statewide mask mandate.

Evers lectured Republican lawmakers in a video message.

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“If the Legislature keeps playing politics and we don’t keep wearing masks, we’re going to see more preventable deaths, and it’s going to take even longer to get our state and our economy back on track,” Evers said.


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