Voter Fraud, The Fixed Election: Absolute Proof Documentary

The leftist and media wants us to believe the elections are fair and honest. They want you to believe its legal to use unsecured homemade servers while working in government positions, then when under investigation destroy the hard drives with a hammer and acid. (Hillary Clinton)

They want us to believe its okay for a outgoing president and their party to make up a fake dossier to mislead the FISA courts to spy on a presidential candidate, nothing to see they say.

They want us to believe Hunter Biden with no oil experience just went on Craigslist Ukraine in the job section and  randomly applied for a job in Ukraine. Just happened to be at the same time the US funds them with massive amount of AID money with his father Vice President Joe Biden placed in charge of Ukraine. Biden just happens to get a job and making $100K a month they tell us, where the average Ukrainian gets just $600 a month salary. Nothing to see there they tell us, it all been “debunked” the media claims! By whom…. how dare you ask, your social media accounts must now be shut off and censored!

Now the left and the media continue to lie and distract, try to pretend nothing went wrong on election night.  Where districts had 100% voting for Biden in late night ballots brought in the lines going strait up, nobody out of tens of thousands voted for Trump, not a single person. In districts where there are 40%+ Republicans base, yet not a single mail in ballot.

In Case You Missed It:  REPORT: The Biden White House is Terrified of Third Party Candidates Ruining His Chances in 2024

Mike Lindell has put together the Absolute Proof documentary. Everyone Watch this video and and be clear Biden stole the election and is not a legitimate president. Biden and Harris must be removed from the Whitehouse now, no impeachment needed as on legitimate presidents can be impeached.  Put them on trail for treason and lock them up for life.

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