“I Can Tell You This, His Spirits Are High – He’s on Top of Everything” – Newsmax Host Greg Kelly Tells Audience About his Time with President Trump This Past Weekend (VIDEO)

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Popular Newsmax host Greg Kelly told his audience on Monday that he spent the weekend in Florida and golfed with President Trump on Sunday.

Kelly told his Newsmax audience, “I can’t go into too many details because it was off the record… President Trump, spent some time with him yesterday on the golf course and can tell you this. His spirits are high, he looks great and he’s on top of everything, everything. This guy does not look like he’s retired. Maybe some day I can tell you a few more details.”

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Greg Kelly then added that President Trump is a fan of Newsmax and is a fan of Grant Stinchfield, another Newsmax host.

The sham senate impeachment trial starts Tuesday in Washington DC.

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