Will Trump Run Again? Can He Win?


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Second Acquittal: Now enjoying his Saturday 13th’s second acquittal for his redux impeachment, Trump understandably feels vindicated. Certain to take a few months to gloat. Now, gazing into the crystal ball – what does the future hold for DJT? His political stock rises while he sorts out what he believes are his priorities, options and best-case options.

But can Trump win another presidential race? Of course this depends as much upon the Biden administration’s actions as anything else. And so far, Biden has delivered a disastrous opening, mainly hobbled by a fact-free self-aborting miscarriage of a second impeachment. President Joe, a mere shadow of his former happy-go-frauding self, is just a deflated proxy for Leftist dreams. Cancellation of the nearly finished Keystone Pipeline on his first day illustrates this point.

Why Trump Could Win Again

Why Trump Could Win Again: Given the fact Trump still has large support from the GOP base, it’s obviously possible to win another nomination to run in the general election. Now, whether he could win against a Democrat candidate obviously depends upon many things. The political climate, including any disasters occurring – including man-made and natural disasters. Such as the Covid virus. What’s most likely is current doctrinaire, off the shelf Leftism which Biden’s people embrace will hemorrhage so many jobs, and so create such economic mayhem that buyer’s remorse kicks in. Especially the fact that multiple crises reveal the 4-year Trump propaganda campaign failed to obscure the truth.

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Biden Boondoggling: Once Biden retires, Marxist sidekick VP Kamala takes over. She then immediately gives obsequious to the demonic choir of party Marxists. Meanwhile, middle-of-the-roaders get cold-feet and, volte-face, change party sympathies. Consider: Costs of massive border surges upon welfare, ICE budget, US economy, disease spikes; $2 Trillion in Covid spending; Collapse in biz income/ employment of $15 fed minimum wage – in an already hobbled economy; Closing petroleum/ pipeline industries; Hammering crippled industries with tax hikes; Shuttering interstate travel; Acquiescing on Climate Change; etc. The Keystone Pipeline closure cost ten thousand union jobs on a project safer and more economical than sending oil by truck or rail. Further, since the pipeline begins in Canada, it infuriated our closest ally. And the beat goes on.

Trump’s Reformation? Can the current Trump retain or gain party sympathy when seen by many as a sore loser? Further, did his snarky comebacks begin to grate on even the faithful after a few years? Or, could it be had he reined this bilious style in a bit the re-election was his? Of course. So what Trump needs, both professionally and privately is a big Come-to-Jesus moment where he surrenders all and hands his life over to the Messiah.

Because, more than ever we now need heroes

Unrealistic, you say? Will never happen, is your retort? Au contraire, Pierre! Don’t forget when asked his favorite book, Trump originally replied, “The Bible.” Now, it’s agreed we must all continually evolve and reform, or die. In Trump’s case, all he must do is look back on his life and marvel how unlikely it all has been. And in self-secret honesty, he ought conclude a larger force than any other moved history to accommodate him at a crucial moment. And if he does this, the only rational response is to bend the knee. Recall Daniel 2:21 states, “God is the one who changes times and eras, who dethrones one king, only to establish another, who grants wisdom to the wise and knowledge to those with insight.”

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Conclusion: God keeps the future. Trump may be a spent force but you still sense the desire in him for another run. Keep this in your prayers, dear friends. Because, more than ever we now need heroes.

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